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  1. Its so nice seeing how much everyone loves their guildies, like so many big families! On topic though, I've only had one guild in my whole Els history that I really loved and it was called [QueensGuard] in NA! Probably my best experience, I met some really amazing people there before I had to leave NA. Now though, i run my own solo guild, not because I don't want to be in another guild, just because I've never found one that feels... right for me, i guess. It's honestly just 90% me, i feel like in the past few years I've just been slowly withdrawing from everyone. I try to be active in guilds but I just never feel like I fit in :c I've thought about opening my guild up, but I have such a hard time connecting with people, irl or in game, im not sure if i could manage it well
  2. I started in NA as well, and my very first char was an Eve, Code Electra i think, i never got past that cause i was (and still am lol) bad at games~ my next was an Aisha, Elemental Master, and after that it was an Ara, YR cause energy balls owo My main has always been CBS/CS, but i got sick of being so potion reliant so at the moment I'm DaB~
  3. oof you'd think I would have seen that since I follow that thread- ignore me, i'm megastupid, thanks~
  4. I'm not actually asking if they'll implement the suggestion- more along the lines of if something of this nature could be possible in the first place. Are there any technical issues that could prevent such a thing, if the staff would even have time, things like that, similar to asking if star rank can be implemented, vs suggesting that it is. But my bad, either way imdumb
  5. One from me now- This is something I believe was in a suggestion thread by Ramen- Would it be possible to include weekly "mini event" type things? Maybe rotating buffs? After events, the lack of content can be demotivating, I'm not complaining but it would be kinda nice to have some content between each major event, even if it's something small. It could even be something like 50% random missions, all SDs open, no tickets required for elrianode/heroics, just small things you could rotate between each week. I understand if not cause it could be a bit much work, but rotating between selected buffs during each stability maint would be really cool. To be clear though, I don't want something that would be too OP (why I suggested 50% mission increase instead of 100%), because at that point void would just be way too easy. It doesn't really even have to be buffs, just something a little extra for us to do during event downtimes would be great qq
  6. I feel the same way, honestly. On the one hand I've met a few cool people here that have actually helped me along. On the other, I always feel so worried to post my opinions or my questions or suggestions here, because there's always going to be at least one person who has to make me feel like an idiot. Because of this, I just can't bring myself to be active in the community. Even on my market thread I dont bump as much as I should because the community is just... too much sometimes =/ Concerning the staff, I've also never had any personal issues with them as a whole or any one member. I don't like the lack of transparency, I may not agree with their decisions concerning the game, but seeing as the server is still alive (though maybe not thriving like it was once), I will say they aren't doing a terrible job. I've always been pretty outspoken about my disappointment with how often we've went months without even a word of an event or new content, but I still play and I still love the game.
  7. I have the same question, which I've mentioned before. It's not that hard to make a post telling the community what you have planned for the game, emphasis on "planned", because I know that one main argument is "well if we tell the community we planned this, and aren't able to implement it, they'll be angry!" I'm so tired of seeing the "no eta" garbage thrown around like it's an excuse for the staff not to inform their players. Also why is it so difficult to give us ongoing events? A weekly rotation of random buffs like 100% random missions, 2x title count, 2x drop, ect. I love void but one major downside is that the server is dead when it comes to events the majority of the year. NA and KR almost always have some type of event going on and that was the biggest appeal for an official server. We need things to doooo, pleaseeee void is getting so boringgggg
  8. Giant Aero Strafe time?!?
  9. I cant even begin to express how much I agree with this! The number one thing I hate in void besides the lack of events, is the lack of communication! I don't see why it's too much to make a forum post a couple weeks in advance of an update and let us know what they plan to do. "Oh it'll disappoint the playerbase if we said we planned it and didnt do it!" But is it really that hard to tell us that this is just a plan rather than a guarantee? I would honestly rather know what might happen instead of getting the "NO ETA" garbage shoved in my face after months without any actual content. I love void but the lack of content and the lack of clarity between the players and the staff is just so frustrating. It would be the best thing to have something, even a small event with non game changing rewards would be so great.
  10. Honestly this has always been my problem with void. The best thing about playing on officials vs void, is that officials rarely go without an event, while void is... well yeah. I think having an ongoing event would be great for void! It doesnt have to be something that floods the servers or anything like that, maybe it could be an alternating thing that brings back old pets and maybe some old costumes, it could be a pvp event, maybe even just something that gives 100% random missions. That's just my opinion tho owo
  11. Sym

    Weekly Bonus Cycle

    Wait a minute... what? The entire point of the system would be to play though, something like 100% random missions, +% drop rate, maybe title count. I dont want them to give rewards, that makes no sense unless there's an event. Maybe I confused you with my quote. I just thought it was funny lol.
  12. Sym

    Weekly Bonus Cycle

    ♥ +1 tho, this would really be something that could make up for the lack of events in void, it should be relativity simple to add into the stability maint every week (if they go weekly) and would draw in people like me that have no motivation for anything 90% of the time ;w; im so late tho qwq
  13. Sovereign Flame, maybe? In keeping with the "royalty" theme of Elgirl's third classes, but also being a genderless word since she is certainly not a "lord" You could also go simple with Royal Inferno, which I think is kinda cool >w>
  14. It would've been nice if the "revamp" was an actual revamp rather than an update... But okay I guess~