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  1. Shelb


    gl queen
  2. IGN: Hazy What items do you want? : SR 5/5 eve Reason: well i've decided to pick up eve again and i really need all the help i can get to fund her, since she's so darn pricey.
  3. Shelb

    [7/6/18] Update Discussion Thread

    ihave like 550m, time to find a sugar daddy xd luke is rly cute tho, is he good?
  4. Shelb

    [7/6/18] Update Discussion Thread

    cant wait to waste all my money for rena's ca !
  5. I NEED TO HOARD RUMBLE SETS FOR RENA SCREAM MY WALLET IS NOT READY FOR ALL OF THESE NEW IBS also i'm sad rena has nothing for her 3rds or anything that can be put in im thats "special"
  6. fix gameplay of roses i think she's super pretty and aesthetic af but her gameplay is a fucking drag to deal with. i'd love for that to be fixed. anemos maybe like a fix on her zz>zz so it's not so damn leaky!!!! i'm sick of people hopping tf out of my kicks mid kick like damn i guess it's not just anemos lol, wind sneaker too. i love the idea of twilight as well but i hate the hood, honestly it's not that great to look at. i also think code ultimate should be completely rewritten, but that's just me. i'm still stuck in the pre-renewal cn phase when it comes to her. nothing can ever outdo that for me. her outfit is really weird, i don't like it.
  7. Shelb

    A New Start

    :blobpeek: byebye
  8. Shelb

    LF< An Active Guild

    [Wavelength] fits the criteria! We recently just opened back up and we've been very very lively. We have exp buffs up during the weekend, we have events (current event is a fashion event!), very talkative people in game and in the discord server! We have hybrid skills and we run dungeons together often. We don't have a forum thread (yet) so there's not a whole lot I could show you unless you joined haha, but I can assure you that this guild is very active, fun and loving to all its members. We have lots of memers too, lol. We are level 16 too.
  9. Shelb

    Are you a 1 main or multiple alts person?

    i'm more of a one character person buuuut i mainhop a lot lol
  10. Shelb

    Long Freaking Hiatus

    i told an admin for ya! sorry to hear that, i hope everything gets fixed soon!
  11. 30-50 as of right now trying to drop the weapon lol
  12. if i can enjoy them and dress them up/make them cute that's really all that matters to me. i also tend to like playing shorter characters or ones that don't like tower over the male characters bc my femininity is weak as shit idk i've main hopped a loooot and i usually main hop when i stop enjoying a character or class, but so far it seems like anemos has rly got me. she's cute, fun, takes a little effort to learn how to play her effectively.. i love her
  13. if anyone gets rena wings/crown u know who to hit up thoooo ot: i'd burn but my rng is next to nothing, it's ass
  14. Shelb

    [Chic] - Lv6 PvE Guild - To the top with style!

    would it be alright for me to join the discord and see how things are before i decide to join? o: thinking of putting my main here but i'm not sure yet ; ;