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  1. Woh, una gilda italiana che ha un nome figo e non è così trash? IGN: Serfos Personaggio: Un IS al 99 Riguardo me: Boh non lo so, so solo che anche io son sempre solo quindi... si
  2. +1 I think it's a really good idea, especially for new players. These stat are ok now with that +2% on all, expect the special effects for characters. It should be like 2.5-3% all. Anyway, that doesn't matter, still +1
  3. Or maybe you can just pick a random full IB, same with mount and pet!
  4. +1 but I think EO is meh, i think the PD is better for that because it's a custom IB and the new players can see it
  5. +10, seriously, I want that so bad. But only with same effects obv. I think IgC and ID is too... idk, maybe OP? °°'' But with DY/HDY or RS/RSr or even HNO/HNOr? Yes.
  6. +1, it's a good idea, but guys, if a guy vote "No" don't kill him/her, c'mon...
  7. Because i'm very confused if I stay with my 6/6 ViG or pick DHY...
  8. My opinion is: 2pc: Resistance to Darkness + 50 3pc: Awaken Charge Speed 3.5% 4pc: Magic Attack + 100 Attack + 100 Defense +100 Magic Defense +100 5pc Critical Hit 5.5% Dodge 2% 6pc 1% Chance that a Fireball Explodes Resistance to All +10 7pc Additional Damage 1.5% Hit 3%
  9. Can i have the Royal Blood shoes and Shadow Incubus Bottom? IGN: Derean