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  1. THP


    Please... Run Just kidding. Sup m8 wlc back.
  2. i don't. nah. I don't know what you mean?
  3. So you can see that through a Computer Screen who's sarcastic and who's not? Dang Give this Person a Darwin Award.
  4. You sound worse than Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un at the same time. It's just a Game Kids. Not a fuckin' life decision. In the end everyone's gonna get what they want. Move on.
  5. THP

    Cya o/

    Goodbye, take care of yourself.
  6. THP

    Ara hater

    Uh.. fine then.. from now on i hate her a little bit... just a little bit.
  7. THP

    Ara hater

    I hate her. Now don't rage at me it's just my opinion thou, i never like'd her much... Sorry about that. But she's kinda cliche half animal half demon half human thing. But i just don't like her very much. I just can't take her seriously thou, that's all. WHO AM I KIDDING? I HATE HER SINCE KOG BUFFS HER . *goat scream*
  8. He is. And i like his many eyes too. I mean is Hyperskill Form.
  9. I do like the one of Ain (Herrscher) He just wants to take you to the Void where you wouldn't be able to die. He is now a different being. He doesn't even care if you are an Enemy or Friend. Oh and he's not evil nor good. You would be a Part of something bigger, what is wonderful, at the same time scary as fuck. Because it Twists you to something, i mean look at Herrscher's True Form! SCARY ASS FACELESS SLENDER TREE MAN. I like that!
  10. First of all sorry for my Bad English. This is now a pretty long time in my mind but wouldn't it be nice to have all Poses from each Class for the Characters Available? Like lets say Furios Blade with the Pose of Nova Imperator, or Herrscher with the Pose of Richter. Wouldn't that expand the Costum possibilities for your Character? I would pay money for them thou if they were available in Item Mall. What do you guys think?
  11. I was away sorry. Because SOMEBODY TOUCHA MY SPAGET
  12. Guys i think the launcher is slowly working better.
  13. I think the data stacks it so you will beginning right there where you stopped i think.