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  1. Willards Time and Space the Closen beta The beginn of els Who D rank was the best and all player Gift and be nice to each other The Old Char Select The Old Em pose And so much more
  2. but i mean to Grind the Pags e-e
  3. Okay the event is only for pvp , Gosh Hell no o.o when you want much e.e
  4. i still pref this bc Grind Hard x3 4 - Double Title Count 6 - 100% Random Mission Chance 7 - 800% Base EXP 9 - No Ticket Elrianode Dungeons´╗┐
  5. Its call Rng and Rng is a BItch
  6. Aisha : Buff pls My Waifu Elsword : More Buff for Immotale ty RENA : Become a Good buff with the next patch so Raven : Nerf the trash Chung : Trap need a Nerf Eve : Nerf CE / Buff CU and CS idk Ara : Buff Apsara , Nerf Shakti and Devi Elesis : Nerf this Bloodyshit and buff Flame Lord Add : Delet this shit ( only hated add can Life) Rose : Nerf Black Massacre / Buff Prime Operator / Nerf Tempest and Minerva Delet ty Ain : Delet this usless Trash Char Laby: I can say Balance
  7. NiLu

    Cya o/

    WTH warum so Toxic , Geh NA Spielen du Faker See you my Cute Friend <3 Stay save and see you in game mabye again in 2-3 years when i come back <3
  8. Thanks , and No , i dont come back i got new games hehe gl ~ i wish you The best and thanks
  9. So Finaly i can Quit this game after 10 years LOng time i try to finisch my Story with Elsword and now i can end it I wish you all Good luck on the Game and A big fun for it Thanks to My Friend To help me to quit this game ~ See yaa My Void com i wish you the best for here