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  1. Rixadox

    Soo.. No valentine event?

    i do too
  2. Rixadox

    Soo.. No valentine event?

    Thanks dad Oh yeah, I forgot that Laby also has her own dungeons they need to code and add. Aswell as the custom guild bases
  3. Rixadox

    Soo.. No valentine event?

    Can y’all chill on the damn “whErEs ThE eVent” threads. Just a reminder, there is a new character to be added plus 3 classes, the henir revamp, the new HUD, new forceskills, character balances, and all the bug fixes. Thats probably why there won’t be a event Jesus Christ
  4. Rixadox

    Rules Being Changed To Ban Players

    More like Inaste 2.0 Because they wants the attention even tho Yata already and clearly said he was gonna review what happened
  5. Rixadox

    Rules Being Changed To Ban Players

    Then, rather than hurling insults and shit at them, why not actually sit down as adults and a community that isn’t compelled of only 10 year olds and try to resolve it hm?
  6. Rixadox

    Rules Being Changed To Ban Players

    #Locked Just drop it fam,
  7. Rixadox

    Weekly Bonus Cycle

    +1 I like it, altho we already have the Void Buff thats free in the Item mall, a Guaranteed Luto could be nice
  8. Im gonna Main Nisha tbh EtW will be my 2nd main
  9. Rixadox

    What do you hate the most in this game?

    RNG. still trying to get a +11
  10. Rixadox

    Increase Profile Picture Size

    +1 so I can use more Laby pics i find p l e a s e
  11. I agree with this so much oml
  12. Rixadox

    [10/3/18] v2.4 Discussion Thread

    Ima plop this here real quick
  13. Rixadox

    Improvement to the Wedding System

  14. Rixadox

    Farewell. [+ Huge Giveaway]

    The Luke eyes for Eve (300 Ec) Reason: Ill miss you ;( even tho we dont know each other IGN: Yunhra