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  1. imagine Derailing a thread and making issues in 2019
  2. -1 only because it is one of the really good titles and personally I think the grind is worth it
  3. +1 I would love to have Nishas awakening promo tbh The Hair is really fuckin cute
  4. -1 Everyone chose their teams and thats just how it is. Sorry mate (team ignia ftw)
  5. Thanks dad Oh yeah, I forgot that Laby also has her own dungeons they need to code and add. Aswell as the custom guild bases
  6. Can y’all chill on the damn “whErEs ThE eVent” threads. Just a reminder, there is a new character to be added plus 3 classes, the henir revamp, the new HUD, new forceskills, character balances, and all the bug fixes. Thats probably why there won’t be a event Jesus Christ
  7. +1 I like it, altho we already have the Void Buff thats free in the Item mall, a Guaranteed Luto could be nice
  8. Im gonna Main Nisha tbh EtW will be my 2nd main
  9. +1 so I can use more Laby pics i find p l e a s e