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  1. Apsara: Dancer Eternal Winner: Forever Owning Code Sariel: Ultimate Mana Hogger
  2. No i do not because for me PvP is just for fun to me, idc if i win or lose. Its just a game.
  3. I really want a good event! It would be nice to have one. I miss the fun events they used to do a lot before.
  4. Hmm i was so nice to you and gave you eve stuff and yet you have the gall to like peoples comments that hurt my feelings. Hmm

    1. Rika


      I can also have opinion,my right is the same as everyone in this forum.what lylan did is wrong and some people just want to give critics but yes some sounded plain rude but they are not wrong.and just because we are friend doesn't mean i should agree with you..and feel free to ask me for the remaining ed if you think you sold way too cheap to me..i can afford it if that will made me able to havr opinion on my own.

  5. -Hugs-:idol_Apple:

    1. Lylan


      *hugs back* ^-^

  6. Take care now and wish you well on your journey! Lots of love♡
  7. aww well at least she will be there though if you wanna summon her and say hi. nwn also thank you. ^^
  8. awwe nwn she is adorable! What is her name?
  9. They are sooo adorable! I like the purple one. ^^
  10. 1+I love this idea. She needs to be revamped there is not much you can use her for right now! I have a lot of Apink Cards hanging around in my inventory. Someone please make her worth something again!
  11. Anyone experiencing any heat waves recently where they live? Dang its hot here!:syobonyanWorry:

    1. Lylan


      Yes! it's almost all the time in my room since my bed is on top of the air vent l0l


    2. LadyEve


      Oof Stay cool dear! -huggles-:idol_Apple: