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  1. LadyEve

    MaruLovers PVE Guild Recruiting

    Everyone who is looking at this please be aware that MaruLovers is being attacked by a drama person and wants to ruin the guild and shut it down for good! Please show your love and support us! Up
  2. LadyEve

    Returning to Void for real now.

    Welcome back! Enjoy your time back on void!
  3. LadyEve

    MaruLovers PVE Guild Recruiting

  4. LadyEve

    MaruLovers PVE Guild Recruiting

    sure just give me a minute ill send link.
  5. LadyEve

    MaruLovers PVE Guild Recruiting

    I will add you to the guild right now actually. we do not have a application on the board right now.
  6. LadyEve

    MaruLovers PVE Guild Recruiting

    sure we would love the help thank you very much. Will add you to the discord as well if you want?
  7. LadyEve

    MaruLovers PVE Guild Recruiting

    Join MaruLovers it is like home and we also have a discord. I am willing to help people level if they need it and willing to play heroic dungeon's. This guild is being reborn because of low level the guild level it is. It is a level 3 Guild. We can make it stronger if you would join us and like i said i am willing to help anyone who needs it. Also our discord is full of fun bots! If you would like to join just leave me a message on here and will give you the discord link and add you to the guild. Thank you and have a nice day!
  8. bring maru and corgi back please! They are so worth it to me!
  9. LadyEve

    Who Do You Main?

    Eve and Ara are who i main!
  10. LadyEve

    R> Lock

    You Go Smores!
  11. LadyEve

    R> Lock

    Recolor could work. All depends on what Void wants really. But i think Recolor may work.
  12. LadyEve

    R> Lock

    I think glacial would be good because its a Xmas type IB it would fit right in with the Xmas event. My Opinion.