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  1. Sounds like fun, R~, Lux coming soon~
  2. Second that, over 9000 to Fateful and all it's staff for keeping me amused on my boring days.
  3. Take a break, I hope everything gets better for you
  4. Good luck on your guild Lylan! Keep fighting, and keep it strong ~ Glad you ended up making another thread ! This should go better! Go Fighters!
  5. Soith

    hi, where's my dollar? it got lost here :eveStare:

  6. The mask will give me nightmares but I do like the claws and stuff on it... It'll be nice to have that around for some players. (I think I probably won't get it, but it doesn't look like a bad thing to have) True, no reason to be afraid to try to make suggestions too- so good luck.
  7. Welcome to the forums! I hope you have a great time here!
  8. Something to help me get +11 armor... Might have to wait for Christmas for it to ever come back, if it does. (I can pray.)
  9. Always nice to find new people ~ Welcome to Void Elsword, and I really do hope you enjoy your time here. If you'd like to find a new guild, the best right now is probably Fateful ~ They have the top level guild, and people are always online to help. The best hack and slash character to play is Raven, and not to mention most of his items are extreme low budget! Now, if you ever need help- just add me, Soith in game and my Discord is on my profile. I really hope you have a great time on Elsword, and always remember ~ Fateful is always open to you!
  10. Welcome to Void! First and foremost, if you want a decent support class - try to go for Bluhen, while he does little damage he also can heal and support all his allies while giving buffs and mana to them! I know a lot of people who loves him, but the more carry type is Herrscher for PvE ~ (He is squishy though, and he is a bit gear reliant) he does a lot of damage overall once you gear him, the final class is Richter who seems more centered onto the PvP side. If you ever need help ingame you can add me at Soith ingame or on Discord Iris#7048! I'm always open to any conversations ! And if you want a new guild, you can also look into Fateful! It is a great guild who currently stands at the highest level.They are becoming more centered onto members, while we do have an amazing Ain main you can always ask (S/O to Enty uwu) I really hope you enjoy your time on Void Elsword, and if you need any help don't hesitate to add me or contact me! I'm always looking to carry and assist anybody that needs it!
  11. I fully welcome you and hope you enjoy your time here! You can contact me if you ever need advice, or just feel like saying hi ~ Have a great time and I wish you luck!
  12. I never knew who to main until I played Code Sariel, and I continue to slowly get stronger on her ~ My suggestion is to keep playing characters until you find one you're passionate about and that meets all your needs. If that isn't possible, just play like two or three that makes you happy and comes close. Nobody really meets my certain needs, but I like Sariel because I can wave clear well with her, and she seems like a strong type of 'support' that can also instantly burst down if you get her geared enough. My other favorite one is Rose, Opt - mainly due to her summons and how she can kill so many at once. It does take time to get the right gear, so my suggestion is to decide 'Do I want to PvP? PvE? Raid?' and find a solid character to play then it should help you decide exactly what you want. Once you start gathering the right materials for strong gear, it's easier to power-up any secondary character you choose to play because you can grind on your primary and earn the stuff for a secondary using that. In all, it's more of finding something you're comfortable with, then to expand on that.
  13. Soith

    Looking for a guild

    Fateful has got to be single handily the most active PvE guild I have ever joined with members having strength in both PvP and PvE, they are great at raids and everything. I am a normal member of Fateful, and I've been in multiple guilds (They're all great, with their own strength and weaknesses) but if you want an active, strong guild that is almost level 22 already- Fateful is the one for you. They're large and active, with a diverse player-base that seems to enjoy doing most things. If you need people to farm with or even ask for level carries - there will almost always be somebody to volunteer. Plus they have great events to help you with growing, in all- it is one of the guilds that I highly recommend.
  14. Welcome to Void Elsword! If you ever need any help in game add Marbh ~ I can help you in dungeons or we can just hang out! Also, you can add me on discord or anything ~ Have fun on the Void, and I do hope you have a lot of fun!
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