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  1. Congratulations on level 25!:Menhera_Happy:

  2. Welcome back hon! I hope you have a decent stay!
  3. I would like +11 for gear only for the game to release during a recent event, but that's unlikely unless it's a Christmas event. Im neutral about these ideas but they sound okay
  4. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay and get all the help you ever need!
  5. Example of guild mail, basically sending everyone in your guild a message only admins and GMs can send these.
  6. here you go, the explanation is in the spoilers
  7. so long as they're not initiate, it doesn't matter much with what rank you give new members. You can start them off as a regular member, one rank above initiate- then after one week promote them and so on. it doesn't matter much about how you rank them
  8. IGN: Tessa Class: CU Timezone: EST Guild: Fateful Why are you interested to join? Didnt see any rules on guests not being allowed, was going to see if I can join the discord server as a guest. Oh and to wish you luck on your guild! The name Lullaby is beautiful
  9. Tessa

    one day, you shall amuse me. is today that day? apparently not.

  10. From a short time of seeing you around, you are so wholesome and protective over the ones you care about. I really pray you will be okay, I'm not sure how it is- to see somebody in that condition, so all I can say is- the most prayers, and luck goes with you. I wish I could've gotten to know you more, you seemed really nice. I would give you a real life hug and pat if I could, but since I can't I'll just send a virtual one! Be safe Eve, and best of lucks to you and your family.
  11. Welcome to void, be careful and youll have fun But always be careful! Its great when you can find a group of friends though!