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  1. Remove Quick Slot Expansion from Treasure.
  2. This week maybe, but it's coming this month.. idk That would be very good
  3. @Structure Creates a new look for the Site, I trust its potential
  4. Wait, as of today you can not get it anymore? >>>>
  5. Hi c= Shaviana or Lullaby? i want Shaviana, but I think there will come the Lullaby I forgot, the Radiant flower black version..Will it come in the treasure chest or ice burner?
  6. All right, for now I just wanted to pass the void weapon of laby by the shared bank =c and rip weapon heroic laby @Shiryelle
  7. @Shiryelle Quest weapon +9 heroic Laby,Did not appear on my quest list, is it a bug?
  8. Will I have to wait until the next maintenance to fix? yes, this will be so bad :c
  9. Help ;-; @VoidEls @Yatagarasu @Structure @Shiryelle ''Cannot be stored in shared bank''
  10. 0 drops SD and Add's Energy,Only 1/2 Drops Lab
  11. ''Not obtained'' Maybe i want this tittle,If really want to do it