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  1. Degenerate


    CL is really only useful with 3/3 Raid Accessories. Should look like this: I wouldn't go over 120-130% Boss Damage with Unique HH on. But as long as you have 80%~ Crit/Maxi, rest can go into Boss Damage.
  2. Degenerate


    I'm using this setup right now, bottom accesory is the gloom/dark aura thingies with 10% crit. I don't know if AeS has any passives that buff Crit & Maxi, but 80% of each is probably enough. The rest should go into Boss Damage. I also suggest changing the 10% Ignore Defense tear to Boss Damage Get a blue Party's ATK tear instead of the Purple one so you can get the 4/4 Elrianode set bonus. Raid DPS build: Alternative build:
  3. Y'all hearn sumn...,, News flash you don't, no one cares about Eredead ):
  4. Gimme, gimme, gimme ereda games after midnight~
  5. Why are we still here.. just to suffer?
  6. Mmmmm I need muh profit from this game mode. I've been suffering for years.,,,
  7. Bump. Don't you love it when people vote "No" without giving any reason (:
  8. It's probably dead like this game mode Bump~
  9. What would you like to see personally? I understand why IB pets might be a bit too much, but it's a good way for people to get a pet they might want without having to drop hundreds of mil.