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  1. rather than extension, how about make it like rotation ? so the event last until next event come and we wont have mourning days +1
  2. as for dungeon maybe it would be better for the short/small amount of enemy having more better drop as for region, maybe give varnymir a much better drop rate, because it was harder i guess (Adaptation + low CP) then again for low tier equip (100K - 200K CP) completing Varnymir is total pain in the ass and some can't complete it solo so they have to be carried
  3. 170 runs of add, cant see where pepsiman hide my weapon
  4. its not that difficult you know Elder : poisoned ? burned ? use blatt blume, enemy have a super strong shield ? use schwert platzen, it heal ? so can you Bethma : fire lizard tried to drag you to hell with it ? use blatt blume , you live it dies *dont use normal attack Altera : well, search better equip Velder : SCHWERT! lol, what can that drug lizard do ? Hamel : kill wizard fast or you die fast (shit armor lol), just try to evade everything that comes out from wizard Sander : ez Lanox : dont step on lava duh, use blatt blume and you will be fine *blood Accel is fine too* see Ain can solves all your problem jk just try it over and over it will get easier by the day
  5. ValVa

    My Favorite Pet

    i mean vote, lol didnt realize this is suggestion (just realize im kinda retarded) well, im going neutral on this, if many people want it why not, im good enough with phorus
  6. ValVa

    My Favorite Pet

    then back to official servers you go lol jk, make suggestion of it
  7. but there is exp medal tough, but honestly some are worth to trade and some are not then again this is much better than only stability maintenance outside of the topic, no birthday party ? *laugh because never have any birthday party*
  8. technical difficulties
  9. some bastard just troll hacking account deleting everything and left a level 1 add
  10. that moment when you farm ED and transfering valuable thing to your main char, you accept every single mail without reading it and someone send 999 apple to you your reaction was like, wtf where did i get all this shit
  11. don't forget that if you are fighting between them using CrA when using skill with 30% hp left and potions is still cooldown your skill doesnt hit shit and you died because of howl. hate when this happen (my armor is a shit LOL)
  12. you guys are actually do pvp ? why ? lol joke aside, i dont even play pvp anymore , why ? 1. one shoted 2. my skill is a shit 3. my internet is also a shit 4. i dont even like pvp but yeah when i try pvp i got either a +11 or pure skill naked player
  13. your weapon is +8 honestly, this makes my play skill look like shit lol cry in +9