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  1. my first character was GA since then i play on official server call Elsword PH but i already try her on gameforge Elsword and NA via using VPN :> so i can get a head start knowing her but it didn't go as plan but on Elsword PH i got what i want make her my beloved one even tho i make another chars btw all of my items belong to her :> and HAVE FUN GAMING GUYS GA MAIN SINCE 2012 i think the starting of PH server SHOUT OUT TO ALL PH SERVER PLAYERS i miss the old days before it migrate to INT server
  2. well i really like rena since i started playing elsword :> and she is my 1st and main character in game and i prefer Grand Archer to her cause she is more elegant in that suit and more more beautiful <3 Rena is lyf yow. btw guys i use everything i have to complete the GA promo set and invisible accessories for her
  3. i play the game thinking that i’m using NVG (SAO stuffs) and its fun for me tho welp we got our own ideas playing MMORPG rpg games to have fun
  4. oh shit Rena buffs won't come this time T^T maybe i'll wait for it and Rena (GA/DaB) was my main character since i play Elsword oh well still gonna make her more stronger along with my 2 alt characters that i play most of the time
  5. IGN: SilverGospel, MiiFuse Age(optional):21 Timezone:+8 GMT Country: (optional):PH Main/alts: (optional):SilverGospel RENA GA (MAIN), MiiFuse EVE CBS (ALT current Guild Master of my own guild for Friends who doesn't play that much) About yourself:old PH server player that only good at PvE and having friends LoL and i love sweets too Is gingerbread Eve your lord and saviour?:i dunno hahahaha cause i didn't see her in game or in IRL i should say yes hehehe
  6. SilverGospel


    Name(s): BenjelIGN(s): SilverGospel and MiiFuseClass(es) & Character(s): GA RENA, CBS EVEAge (optional): 21Country & Timezone: PH +8GMTWhy you want to become part of our guild: solo play is hard to me right now cause i only got average set hehehehe well im looking for a friendly guild to make friends and DG run matesDiscord: i don't have Discord :3 cause i can't find the app (im using IOS)About: some old player that came back again hehe didn't play the game for atleast 2-3yrs i think since the lost of Elsword PH server