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  1. What server buffs/items do you hope will all be in our Summer Event? I hope we get all of these. - 100% Random Mission Buff - 800% or More Base EXP - NoNo Mini-Me EXP Cube (3 Days) - Illipia Core Weapon Guard Cube (3 Days) - Growth Elixir (300%) - [7 Days] EXP Boost Medal (300%) - RNG Magic Amulet Cube +9~+11 - Potions like Steak, Espresso, Frappuccino
  2. Physical: Eternity Winner: NakanoIchika Knight Emperor: despotsoul Metamorphy: Transcends Oz Sorceror: Glomp Code Ultimate: Kheria? Daybreaker: ElfGoddess Bluhen: Yandere Centurion: Hasuwu Magical: Herrscher: 1756013 Aether Sage: Melatina Oz Sorceror: Glomp Code Ultimate: Kheria? Daybreaker: ElfGoddess Apsara: Crydesu? Bluhen: Yandere Centurion: Hasuwu ? = Up for debate
  3. Knight Emperor - despotsoul Rune Master - Apollonir @Apollonir Infinity Sword - Dopeness @ElDabMaster Aether Sage - Melatina @Rawrrr Oz Sorcerer - Rawrrr @Rawrrr Metamorphy - Transcends @Rawrrr Anemos - Mute Daybreaker - ElfGoddess Twilight - None Furious Blade - Lecarm Rage Hearts - None Nova Imperator - EmStan Code: Ultimate - CUpoi Code: Esencia - None Code: Sariel - Clotia @Courtney Comet Crusader - None Fatal Phantom - Brother Centurion - Descender @Rawrrr Apsara - Crydesu Devi - None Shakti - Mayru Empire Sword - Tyna Flame Lord - Saiyoko Bloody Queen - Sorasaka @Sorasaka Doom Bringer - zzGame0verzz Dominator - Magaki @Joako Mad Paradox - Cowboy @Arrivederci Catastrophe - NyaruNya Innocent - WraithDuo @Scout Diangelion - Zprycaz Tempest Burster - Blair @Blair Black Massacre - None Minerva - CDawg @CDawg Prime Operator - None Richter - None Bluhen - 1756015 Herrscher - 1756013
  4. December is looking busy. Maybe we get a free +10 Amulet again...
  5. Ran is a female so omegalul fail at your meme.
  6. Last thing. When will you give us a response to these questions about +12/+13?
  7. Nice meme. So if i turn up to work once every blue moon i am considered suitable? Why and how was annovie made a GS?
  8. mite wanna update this then https://www.voidels.to/forum/index.php?/topic/22-voidels-official-staff-information/
  9. You won't get everyone on a even playing ground because not everyone will be willing to do it. This is similar to making an arena tier list but for players in PVE. Therefore, I'm basing it off what information I've seen. If you don't have enough information, why are you commenting in the first place? Even if you're Richter had a +11, I doubt you would be able to pull off a perfect run. Every game involves some sort of muscle memory but even if you manage to pull off the fastest 11-4 time let's say, there is probably someone faster than you. Does my thread say official PVE player tier list rankings? Clearly not. Read the first damn post. OPINION BASED. [Edit]: I'm done replying to derailers now. I'll let @Structure handle it. Anyone who feels like contributing, please do and thanks in advance.
  10. If I ignore them, a mass hoarde will keep on coming and turn this into even more of a shitfest. Thanks for trying though. And Radrael been playing his MM much from what I've heard so I decided to not include him there.
  11. That's your opinion and this is my list so I won't be changing anything. Thank you for being the first person to actually give me a decent response. (No sarcasm intended).
  12. 1. You say I bait when you got called out multiple times on the arena tier list thread for your bait post "what uneducated swine made this wtf" and you pulled the sarcasm card to save your ass. Maybe next time think before you type "Do I really have anything worthwhile to contribute to this thread and if so why?"
  13. I'm guessing you can't read. Let me help you out. 1. This is opinion based. If you think my opinion is wrong, then explain why. 2. I already stated in the main post that if you don't like the idea of this list, then simply leave. But no, kids these days have to come into threads and derail because they are too sensitive. Another generic comment. Read my 2nd post replying to Riolu. I wonder how many more derailers we will have until someone actually starts using their brain and gives me a useful response.
  14. We all know why your threads get locked based on your past history/actions. No offence. I already explained above this post isn't made to bait anyone or defame. On a futher note: Defame - damage the good reputation of (someone); slander or libel. I doubt acknowledging someone for PVE side of this game is defaming. Side Note: Anyone else who wishes to derail this further and make salty comments then don't cry when you get a warning point. I already warned you above and the forum thread rules have warned you too.
  15. "AND/OR" If you want gameplay footage then go to their profile. That is one reason why I tagged them onto it. This is based off my opinion and is not intended to bait anyone. Hence the notes I left in the post. My thread is clearly titled the strongest players in PVE. Not the "Best" I gotta love how you just used this chance to boost your own ego in a sly way. Here we go. The general "yOu jUsT neEd tO mASh buTTonS!1!!1" mindset. You can't faceroll an entire dungeon spamming potions mindlessly with the fastest clear time without thinking about skill poisitioning, micro-managing either buffs or potions/passive effects or which order to use certain skills to maximze damage. Then comes along the aspect of how much stats you should invest to play the class at its most peak condition and what ERP to invest. The PvE community here aren't just brainded +11 players. You should be thankful people share speedruns because it could help improbe your gameplay. I know for a fact it helped me. Tldr: You need to know how your class works in order to pull off the fastest clear time or play your class the most efficient. Example: KE bandwagoners who don't even know how to use Windmill or micro manage Way of the Sword. [Edit]: Ereda is dead in this server so I'm not considering it as part of PVE system. Rage if you want. Idc. Only person I've seen dedicated and knowledgeable about ereda is @HonorPanda