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  1. i actually have a question i've been wondering for a while. would it be possible for the void staff to acknowledge and possibly give their thoughts on suggestions? something as simple as "We've seen this suggestion and are currently thinking about it." or something like that would be nice. it'd be even better if the staff actually posted their thoughts on suggestions. suggestions that have gotten bumped for months and have received no response are sorta just like. is there no response because the staff hasn't seen it? has the staff seen it and are thinking about it? has the staff seen it but simply don't wanna do it? idk. could be any of these. but yes, a bit more communication on suggestions would be very much appreciated if possible.
  2. this thread is based off the above suggestion. read it if you're confused as to why i made this thread. the suggestion for having the staff host a monthly question thread got denied, but there's no reason why the community can't make their own thread of questions for the staff. there's no way to make the staff answer, of course, but i highly recommend that the staff at least look at this thread to get an idea of what the community wants. anyhow, this thread is for any questions the community might have for the staff. ask away here. i'll be updating this post as much as i can with questions that many people share or with questions that receive a lot of attention from the community. once again, there's no certainty that the staff will respond to any questions or if they'll even see this thread, but it's worth a shot. keep that in mind if you plan on posting here. however, there are a few guidelines that i ask everyone to follow: try to keep it to one question per post. i'm seeing which questions get a lot of attention based on the amount of likes received, and it's a bit hard to do that when there are multiple questions in one post. please at least try to do this. forum rules still apply. don't ask about ban appeals, don't be rude, don't double post, etc.etc.etc. do NOT link to suggestions asking whether they'll be accepted or not. this thread would quickly turn into a bunch of linked suggestions otherwise, most likely. please bold any questions in your post. some people, like me, like to type out their question then add some background information about the question. bolding your question will make it easier to see what's a question and what isn't a question. do some research and try not to ask questions that have been asked before and try not to ask questions that the staff can't answer. for example, don't go and ask "NEXT BIG VERSION UPDATE WHEN". that's just gonna be met with a NO ETA™ meme. if you see someone already asked a question that you planned to ask or if you think the staff should see the question, like the post. as i said above, i'll try to keep this first post updated with questions that receive a lot of attention a.k.a. a lot of likes. questions that have been asked: questions that have received a lot of attention:
  3. i phrased it wrong. you don't force get rewards. i mean if you did 12-5 - 12-7 once and got the weekly rewards for it, you can use the ticket to reset that and let you do the raid again for the rewards.
  4. by reset ticket, i mean the crimson mark reset ticket. the thing u can use twice a week to get rewards again from raid. it can be obtained as a drop from 12-8 and through the flame mark exchange.
  5. i meant like. you know how you can only get rewards from rosso raid once a week from each dungeon unless you use a reset ticket. is it only counting the runes where u get drops, or can i just do 1k 12-5 runs in a month and have it all count towards the achievement?
  6. all things with RNG should have somewhat of a backup, and 1k runs is fine. although, is it 1k runs of raid dungeons in general or 1k runs of raid dungeons where you actually get drops? my vote is still yes, regardless of the answer, but this is an important distinction.
  7. lilu has said there'll be compensation in the summer event for all those who had their old henir mats deleted, so i'm willing to wait until then before making any judgements. EDIT: there are some things i actually wanted to bring up about this update. perhaps the thing i like the most about this update is the consumables. that alone greatly makes apink cards much more useful. it's also very good that these two have their own cooldowns and only share CDs with each other. good that +9 crafting is back. with 2 heroic souls a day and a bit more from the weekly quest, it takes about 10 days to make 1 +9 amulet if you do strictly PvE only and not PvP or ereda. that's not bad. the requirements aren't too harsh. i approve of this craft. lots of crafts have had their requirements reduced. the only thing that confuses me here is why are dark el seeds more costly to craft than normal el seeds when they do the same thing? it makes the dark el seed craft p much useless
  8. removing dungeons from GE is not possible for void staff to do.