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  1. if ignia actually loses bc of this, then there'd be some problems. no way in hell that's gonna happen tho
  2. they don't want people making like 50 accounts and entering with all of them. 200 is easy, but it'll discourage most people from making multiple accounts since it still takes a decent amount of time to reach 200. yes, i'm also very confused by that. makes no sense to have 200 be the minimum if you ned 500 to edit your title
  3. could be because you need more posts maybe. not sure tho post random stuff in the spam thread. you can hit 200 posts there quite easily.
  4. are the mystic stones in the socketing pack tradable? in general, what is and isn't tradable in the packages? EDIT: @Yatagarasu@Lilu@VoidEls sorry for the ping, but would any of you happen to know this?
  5. i'm not sure what's funnier. the fact that this suggestion was actually made or the fact that it could legit be more balanced than the current options EDIT: oh you're actually serious. lmao. -1 for obvious reasons
  6. alright, so i know you vibrate at a frequency fast enough to shatter glass whenever you see apple, but do yourself a favor here. don't choose apple. you and i both know ignia, the BEST girl, will win. join the winning side

  7. ngl, i'm a bit confused as to how this works. would anyone mind explaining it to me? looks fun tho.
  8. you win this time

    1. AthrunAsura


       go for Ignia


      :aishaHeh: ez 1m ed

    2. draco123


      of course. ignia best girl