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  1. thank you for answering as you usually do. for this part, would you mind posting this in the suggestion thread? it'd be good to let people who follow this thread know about what's up - ot: first post has been updated. i'm also no longer keeping track of which question received a lot of likes since it seems sorta unneeded.
  2. feedback for the elrios bae event. this one was sorta big, so i expect this'll be a little long. link to the event is here. i'd normally wait a few days after the event to make this so that everyone can take some time to think about feedback, but i think the event extensions have provided enough time for thinking. it'd also be good for people to see this during the maintenance, which still hasn't happened yet, but i wanna sleep soon so posting this now. - server buffs i liked the buffs. they were good. don't really have much to say here besides the fact that it's cool that void can give the 10% attack buff as a server buff. i'd also say maybe add 2x add dungeon drops, but i understand that void can't always use that server buff. no real suggestions for this part. event format event items, seashells, dropped in a lot of places this event. i'm gonna start of by saying i'm not a pvper, so i know nothing about the pvp and ereda scene. i have no feed back for this. it'd be very helpful if pvp people could provide feedback for the event item drop rate in pvp. the event drops were pretty nice, i feel. the event dungeons were also a very nice touch, and i would appreciate them being brought back, but it'd be nice if good performance in the event dungeons actually gave more event items. i'm not too sure about what can be done with this honestly since i don't know what technical limitations there are. however, i'll just say what i have in mind and let the staff team sort out what is and isn't possible. first of all, event dungeons should still give the 1 void event item in the result screen as usual. that shouldn't be changed. in officials, the event dungeons dropped event items that could be exchanged for various items, and the amount of event items you got depended on how well you performed in the event dungeons. i think that during void events, the event dungeons should drop event items like they do in officials. there should then be an exchange that allows these event dungeon items to be exchanged for void event items. to give an example of this, the velder academy athletic meet event dungeon drops velder academy batons as the event item. let's say you do very well and get 4 velder academy batons. these batons should then be exchangable for void event items at whatever NPC. the exact amount of event items needed for one void event item would have to vary depending on the dungeon's length, how difficult it is to do, etc. so looking at the length of all the event dungeons, the dessert cafe and velder academy concert are always 2 minutes long, the velder academy library is always 3 minutes long, and the velder academy athletic meet is dependent on RNG for its length (didn't really run this dungeon too much because it seemed inefficient, so idk much about its length). the dessert cafe and velder academy concert should require more event items for 1 void event item, maybe something like 3-4 event items for 1 void event item. the velder academy library should require 2-3 event items for 1 void event item. the velder academy athletic meet i'm not too sure. moving onto the actual dungeons, i said this last event, but i really want the drop rate for event items to be a mix of having a guaranteed item drop on the results screen like this event and having RNG drops like the more recent christmas event. my reason for this is because always having the same amount of drops for (almost) every dungeon without taking into account its length locks people into doing short dungeons only like add dungeon, 4-x, 11-5, 12-5/6, 12-8, etc. allowing the event items to be drops lets people have more freedom to grind in other places, and getting 1 event item on the result screen lets people get at the very minimum 1 per run. the downside to this is that it's RNG and the amount of event items required for exchanges and crafts will have to be slightly raised to account for the extra shells, but i think in the long run, this could be good if it works out. it's a gamble tho. the other downside is that it can potentially limit places at where event items can be dropped since technical difficulties tm make drops less flexible than putting event items on the result screen. at the very least, it'd be nice if there could be some other system that can make longer dungeons be as efficient as shorter dungeons. the dungeons where the event items were obtainable were very nice, but i do think there could be a few more dungeons. like perhaps making event items obtainable in places where people grind for titles like heart of behemoth (reaper/god of carnage), solace's fortress (eclipse, resistant to destiny), and grand cavern: chasm of the divided land (oath of ruin). of course, people might not really care for these titles anymore and i'm just not really aware of it, so people should respond with any other places they want event items to drop. suggestions for the event format for event dungeons, keep it as it is but implement a system where performing well actually gets you more void event items. make sure it gives at least 1 void event item on the results screen. the event dungeons were a very nice touch, but better performance should definitely be rewarded with more void event items. the amount of void event items you get should depend on the dungeon, depending on how long it takes to complete, how difficult it is, etc. create a system where longer dungeons can be as efficient as shorter dungeons in getting event items. the suggestion i had for this was to make event items drop in dungeons and have at least 1 on the result screen like this event, but i wouldn't mind if it were purely drops. however, i do know that this has its downsides, so i'd rather only use it if the only option was 1 event item per run. make event items obtainable in other dungeons where people like to farm for titles. this one depends on what titles people want, so this one will definitely need feedback. crafts and exchanges the big boi section. this will be long, so i'll be putting it under a spoiler. exchanges crafts the main thing i want to say for this section is that i think it was a very good move on void's part to make the essential stuff be in exchanges and the most customizable, dress up stuff be in crafts. please continue this format for future events. but besides that, i'm really not gonna have much to say for crafts since they were all customizable stuff. which is good. someone with more interest and knowledge about the crafts can comment on how they felt about them (was the selection of crafts good, did they bring back what you wanted, was the crafting fee fair, etc.) misc. stuff the event consumables were very nice. i'm sure i don't need to say this, but definitely keep this going for as long as technical difficulties allow - as per usual, do feel free to give feedback. it's important to give feedback so that the void staff know what we want, so definitely consider doing so.
  3. now that i actually have time and remembered this thread, big +1. good sockets are so important and is something that every new player should have relatively easy access to. everything builds off socketing. if you have low crit and maxi, everything else will be bad. i'd say lower the ed cost from 15m to 5m or at least below 10m. cutting down the price of one S+ stone from 60m to 20m-40m will greatly help people.
  4. this actually already has a suggestion here i'd definitely recommend you check that out. since this is already a suggestion, i won't be adding it to the list of questions, but yata can answer this if he doesn't mind answering. ot: first post has been updated
  5. what is up fuck motherer how was the tourney

  6. if you agree with the suggestion, that's all i care about. but to address your point about soloing, would you rather clear solo or would you rather struggle to solo and have find a party that can carry you? if you truly are bored of soloing, then why do you not use a weapon that isn't +11? if you truly are bored, then don't use your +11 wep. seems like an easy solution.