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  1. Thanks aaaa- btw is there any discord or smth so I can contact once I'm online? uwu
  2. IGN & Nickname: Aurgust Level & Class: 99 Bluhen Timezone: GMT +7 Why you choose to join this guild: I'M SORRY I NEVER KNOW THIS GUILD EXIST- I JUST FOUND OUT THAT I7 HERE LITERALLY MEANS IDOLISH7. Basically I joined because I love idolish7 with all my might I'm still waiting for the season 2 anime and season 4 story Favorite i7 idol/group (optional): best boys is Momo and Yuki but I got broke, Riku please bless me with your luck I'm not online now though- hope I'm not late!
  3. Moyaoi

    [Chic] - Lv6 PvE Guild - To the top with style!

    IGN+Class: BapakIdaman/LW atm, grinding non-stop to cap- Name/Nickname: Mollara/Agus/Cin Gender: Female Age: 17 About you: an artist at hiatus, trying to focus on this game ewe. I can help in carrying once I get to touch my +10 4-y. I have 2 other Ains at different guilds, I managed to play them everyday. adding one more Ain won't hurt right- Also I've been wanting to experience what it's like to be a part of a new guild!
  4. Moyaoi

    [Forum suggestion] Feedback system

    +1 from me, great idea to avoid some scamming.
  5. LOL dude Getting the titles to even function without bugs is a lot of work.
  6. Moyaoi

    Remove the box opening animation

    +1 PLEASE I'm dying when I have to wait for that animation
  7. +1 And +111111 for the weeb chair lmao
  8. Name/Nickname (optional): Mollara IGN: Mollara Class: ATh Main or Alt: Main(I decided to give ATh a shot again!) Previous Guild (if you were in one before): none Gear (Not relevant to joining, just want to know because i'm curious): currently still void free gears, can't bankshare elrianode- Timezone: GMT +7 About you (optional): just a random dudetess who abandoned her NB just because of her everlasting love for ATh. Btw, I applied for the guild ads! Why did you decide to join this Guild?: When I saw this forum, I was hesitating at first- since I'm a bit awkward at socializing. but then, I saw the ads for this guild and quickly applied~
  9. Moyaoi

    El Turbine Set

    +1 because of that double attack stat
  10. Moyaoi

    Chilly is here!

    haha I just realized that XDDD
  11. Moyaoi

    Chilly is here!

    hello there! welcome to void!
  12. Moyaoi

    exchangeable +8 Amulets

    +1 because logic
  13. Moyaoi

    LF> PVE Guild

    It literally took me 5 days to finally made up my mind to create this... Please bear with me..... that aside, I've been wanting to join any PVE guild(or maybe hybrid, anything is fine but I'll only be focusing on PVE and maybe stalking my guildies) My character(ATH) is still newly made, but I'll be capping him soon :^) one more thing, I might not be active everyday. (active at least 2 times for a week) (I don't have discord since I forgot the email, I'll make one soon if needed)
  14. Moyaoi

    ERP reset

    +1 +1
  15. Moyaoi

    spacebar skillslot

    The bug was originally from KR. If Void could even fix this, many people will migrate to this private server and KR won't be chill lol That aside, ask the KR to fix it (if they found a fix anyways), not the private server. Imagine a private server fixed a bug which the official can't even fix. That would be a big news XDD