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  1. IGN: Bladeweaver (Subject to name change.) Main or Alt?: Main Age(optional): 17 Reason to join: Wanna try starting a guild from scratch and interact with new people (make friends maybe) since i didnt do that, ever, while playing elsword. About me(optional): Lives in Australia (bad ping sometimes :c), likes to watch anime, read webnovels, play games such as elsword and LoL.
  2. By the time we get laby the revamps are probably already released so it will come with the void update. PS: Hurry it up with the ED Rota
  3. Etou

    Make Void Weapon Tradeable

    Great idea, actually let's just remove the dungeon since it will be pointless and make the item a freebie at naeun. I mean whats the point of keeping it when "most people also don't want to do the same dungeon over and over again." Actually lets just remove every other grind dungeon since we don't have the time to keep running them. Also how the fuck does "the staff made items like the treasure hunt coins untradeable(and that still didn't stopped the hackers), so they can make the opposite too." this have anything to do with making void weapons tradable, completely different issue. "Void weap is not the strongest weapon anymore so that argument pretty much don't work on 2.5 onwards" Actually it is still the most relevant weapon since only 5 (I think? Unless I missed something and over half the players has it now making the void weapon useless, and we still have quiet some time to 2.5.
  4. Etou

    Do you think void is "dying"?

    You shouldn't complain about that since selling your account while not illegal isnt encouraged, like ec selling (code or gift) They took the risk and even though it wasn't their fault that they incurred those losses, it was still their decision. Also cheap mithrils back then = abusing hacked items, dunno why you'd question the ban. Though void doesn't have the best staff, it's not their fault that they were banned, they cant listen to your anime tragic backstory and be like yeah you can be unbanned now you deserve it while every other person who is banned doesn't.
  5. Etou

    Do you think void is "dying"?

    Not sure if Void itself is dying but I can say that ed rota is already dead
  6. Etou

    Worst bravery skill.

    Storm blade... What's that again? Doesn't it belong in the dumpster why did you bring it out?
  7. Etou

    [1/4/19] Update Discussion Thread

    Please keep all discussions, questions and comments regarding 1/4/18 update here. *Insert triggered meme here* Rip ed rota
  8. Etou

    Missed Winter Core

    no they craft the winter core +11 for u and then use it on an elri piece seal it and there u go, tradable +11 armour that u can sell.
  9. Etou

    Double Drop Rate?

    2x a low number will result in a slightly higher number but doesnt make any difference. eg. 1% to 2% drop rate is double droprate but has no real difference, also its rngs, theoretically if it isnt 100% droprate u may never get it ever, though very unlikely.
  10. Etou

    Because 400m in a +11 and 150m in a +10

    300m worth of crafts and a few hours of time for an item thats 3-4b usually. How can you be so lazy lmao.
  11. I feel like they should remove winter core, keep high craft costs. Then people can't complain about alts abusing event. At most people would complain that they can't farm multiple crafts because of time or whatever, but that's their problem, the people who put in the effort to farm the mats deserve the multiple crafts.
  12. Event starts: People complain that crafting costs are too much. Crafting costs reduced: People complain people with multiple accounts can abuse event. LMAO
  13. How many an hour roughly? 125 Shards Which dungeon(s)? Add's Energy Fusion Theory. Drop Rate Medal and/or Drop Rate Sockets? Nothing
  14. Etou

    The problem +10

    Then wats the point of this suggestion, they already said they are reducing it.