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  1. I enjoyed playing this game for awhile, but it is time for me to leave. I had fun with my friends, but my reason for leaving is pretty simple. I got sucked ins. This game required me to spend loads of money and work hard for stuff that I didn't really need. I knew something was wrong with me the moment I started loading up K-Ching and getting addicted to buying it every week or even everyday I can't keep doing this anymore. I could've been saving for bigger things, but I spent most of my money on this game and I am not proud of it at all. I have nothing to do in the game. I loved pvp, but I can't enjoy it anymore because of the salt, and I am a bit rusty so if I even try to beat someone and lose I am automatically a noob. Seems fair- I am not blaming the game or the staff for the reason for my departure I just need to do something better with my life instead of wasting most of it on video games. A sale might happen. I might sell my account and IGNs depending on how I feel. Well thank you everyone for making my time wonderful, but now it is time for me to take my leave. IGN - Glamorise, and Chiere
  2. Thank you. Glamorise is my IGN. I would've told you all sooner, but I thought my PC would've started acting right by now.
  3. Look who's computer decided to act like crap. Mine that's who's. Jeez I barely had this laptop for a year and it doesn't charge for crap so I won't be online until I get a new laptop. If possible please tag Domain and let them know what's going on. They probably kicked me by now, but I have no other way to contact them.
  4. Title says it all. I am going on Hiatus for a month due to personal issues. I haven't really had time for this game like I used to because of my crazy life so see you all in a month or two.
  5. Elysion because it's really beautiful. I also like Hamel and Feita in my opinion they had the best dungeons.
  6. I am bored so I decided to make this. I main Lu and Eve I actually used to be good at Eve until CBS became the Queen of PvP so I lost confidence in playing with CBS. I started maining Lu because she seems like an easy character.