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  1. do you know what bumping is? when a thread reaches 24 hours you can bump it so it doesn’t get necrod, you probably don’t considering your attitude in general but read rules before speaking.
  2. so calling someone dumb is defaming.. 

    1. Laby


      how does that even work what 

    2. Wolfgang


      free speech on this server is a lie at this point


      cant even joke about RMTing without getting perma'd lol

    3. Mei


      discord is viable evidence

  3. Welcome to void!! Ara is the most expensive female character btw
  4. damn it.. sad ur 2 warnings won’t go away bye
  5. why was it removed in the first place
  6. Aisha's old meditation and her (kinda) functioning normals now u cant zz without them walking out
  7. welcome back ??
  8. nope void said it’s not possible and even if it was they wouldn’t do it
  9. boarding those eldrit shards.. pvp mains MAKING BANK!