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  1. these type of people are the ones that get the thread locked
  2. here’s ur proof since u keep harassing me don’t worry i have the screen from ingame
  3. it was in a ban screen somewhere yes she did, it was one of ur custom ban reasons
  4. @VoidCM how do you appeal a ban without evidence against you? like how do you know what got you banned for example rmt? also when ran was banning inaste she did make a ban reason like “kill your self faggot” in german
  5. lmao so sonmi is dream 

    1. Noctis♣



    2. laby


      you’re really riding their dicks hard huh 

    3. Noctis♣


      Just calling out someone that has no hobbies and is incredibly obsessed.

  6. she also kinda doxxed someone by dropping their instagram cus she didn’t believe it was them in the picture (they were too cute i guess!) and then she got proven wrong cus she posted in the insta ran linked LMFAOOOO. then structure told anyone who brought it up to shut up!! love my gms <3
  7. i 100% agree with what lucifina said but some people are making it seem like cloud is innocent while he is not
  8. im pretty sure some people are talking about cloud
  9. his ban was deserved please stop but if you’re not referring to him u made some points.
  10. ur telling me like i can do anything