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  1. those are hypers, not tier 3... sorry, i should have discounted hypers in my post
  2. A better way to think of it is that Berthe howls at "tier 3" skills. This includes all skills that cost more than 225 mp (don't quote me on this number), combination skills (for LuCiel), full orb skills (for Ara), high costing DP skills (or skills that convert mp to dp for costs while in dp mode... not sure on the number for this).
  3. Bump! i'll update the thread with new participants when I return home
  4. there aren't prizes? sorry but did you even read what the event was? There aren't really possible "prizes" for a Secret Santa-esque event @.@ Edit: in a way, your "prize" will be that someone else draws for you as well. So you can think of it as a secret art trade
  5. I know this isn't the right place for this but the official Void art contests have shown that there are plenty of artists here that don't check the art section so here I am announcing a Void Artist held event! Go check it out and sign up if you are interested!
  6. oh i see, so people HAVE actually managed it then. But yeah, I know that you can, I was responding to the comment that the "code was not implemented"
  7. Um what? The "code" is the same as any other. It's only because we've never had a +11 enhancement event that has prevented people from enchanting to +11. You cannot use fluorites to enhance past +10 so the chances of this happening are ABYSMALLY low. So unless someone has a fuck ton of +10 scrolls, or godly luck, enhancing your way to +11 is nearly impossible
  8. i'm fairly sure the mega success can only go up to +10
  9. I think BS can only go up to +10. So a +9 cannot become a +11/12 via the Blacksmith skills
  10. You don't need Add Dmg for PvE. Drop some of that for more hit and max out your awk duration/charge. The awk stats honestly aren't terribly useful if you manage your awk well but there is no need for that much Add in PvE
  11. lmao.... watching it and got to the part where Grakengard whispered you despite dying... good run though
  12. yes PLEASE. just end this phase. I'm so tired of having to raid nearly everyday. I just.... halp... plz.... *falls dead*
  13. In a way it was answered by the "I may tweak them" comment.
  14. Not everything has to devolve to an argument
  15. I use Water on all of my characters. Dark was a bit nerfed because most mobs gained a lot more Dark resist.