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  1. Good idea, im tired of building the same gear for all my alts when i can bankshare the IBs
  2. hello, what skils should i use?

    1. Greitlan


      its for furious blade, i do pve

    2. MrChaoticEvil


      You got the wrong person as i never played Raven and never will, but there are way more skilled Raven veterans that can teach u

  3. @VoidEls no 2.6 timer event or i missed something?
  4. and give the staff more work to do? Heresy! Blasphemy! Lies and Slander!
  5. the staff said a multiple times that they actually can't nerf or buff anything without KoG doing first and even if KoG does, it can only come on 2.6; 2.7; etc
  6. i'm not protecting her just because she is my alt, but if the devs ban a class cuz players are asking, they would have to ban classes that other players ask as well, and if they don't, the beggars will give the "you banned the other class, so you must ban this as well" It would be unfair from a general viewpoint
  7. First, it's EW, not EtW Second, ban a class is just personal bias as everyone wants a certain class banned too if we follow your logic, basically all classes would be banned
  8. It could be worse I once got a full party of only Optimus Prime Roses in Drakabi Ya know that one in a million chances of happening, well
  9. Rosso, new Drakabi, Eltrion mk2, Perkissas and Both OG Drakabi and Eltrion, all Raids on Els and even while some are more party focused than others, you still couldn't do it by yourself New and OG Henir too Tell me, fellow Voidling, you had good partners in the long run, but what about the ones that made your blood boil and gave you genuine headaches
  10. Another useless update Just like the staff Except Ran Must protect the coffee waifu
  11. when was that? besides naked or sparring gear pvp, Elsword were always about who had the best gear