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  1. Not going to happen Besides being a sistem that the GMs would have to modify, locking stuff is something you do for your own risk from the start. You should take responsability for your stuff ya know
  2. well, i don't see why we should keep them, but if there is a demand, i don't see why not
  3. So you are just being a horrible player and person 1 - Sometimes people just want to level, farm or do quests and you kick then just cuz you are the one who dont let them do anything. 2 - Just cuz you dont like Rose, as i've seen on your posts, you dont have the right to be a dick to Rose players. Rose is here to stay, deal with it. OT - +1. I hate when those geared +10/11 people kick me when they litteraly wont let me do anything
  4. Cant argue with that OT: i HATE to play with people using the same class as me Its just, UGH! I dont mind if you play the same character but with a different class, but if i see you using my main on my party i will instantly hate you and kick you out if i have the chance
  5. Fuck u my dude, she is preacious and perfect on every single way
  6. Just save your current class change ticket you dumbnut lmao
  7. I just read all the drama that happened on my thread just for 2.5 come today Thank you community, you made me a very happy Luiz Also, @VoidEls, you lied after all
  8. @VoidEls Although they are kinda ugly compared to 2nd and 3rd jobs, are Laby's Base, Base v2 and 1st jobs available to craft at Naeun?
  9. no thanks, move your ass there is literally a teleporter on your screen
  10. ye i can see that ot: Void isn't necessarily going downhill. Keep in mind this is the only safe private server that ever existed, there will be players here whether Void makes events or not, wanna know why? Cuz when a void player goes to NA and see the pay walls, horrible economy, skills quests, transcendence and 3rd job quests, shitty level up, horrible drops, etc, they will miss Void on the spot.The staff knows that. I know that too, i made a NA account just to play Eternity Winner, and this was the most excruciating experience of my life as if you don't put EC in the game, you will have to make horribly long quests with STAMINA LIMIT. It took me two goddam weeks to have a fully capped Eternity Winner with all skills unlocked and i still have to get the 3rd job Hyper. And you know what? The staff knows that. They know that no matter what they do, players will always comeback to them, this is enough to they don't have transparency with us and slack off sometimes. No matter what they do, as long as there is a little update here and there, players will play and give them money for the benefits of staying here, it's basic business at this point.