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  1. dungeons will eventually get harder and harder and that +14 will become a must have
  2. -1 Void already gives enough freebies After this what you guys will want? Free IBs in events?
  3. The nerfs made me drop the game for probably a long time. Still, after the reboot, is your char good? Dead? Better? Worse? How KoG changed your main in both pve and pvp and how much they helped/damaged you?
  4. -1 There are inv expansion on ec shop and the devs give them in events Buy them or be patient for events scrub
  5. Call me lazy if you want but i actually get motion sickness by replaying the same thing over and over again in a video game, so what titles you think are good that you can get without doing the same dungeon for hours
  6. Good idea, im tired of building the same gear for all my alts when i can bankshare the IBs
  7. hello, what skils should i use?

    1. Greitlan


      its for furious blade, i do pve

    2. TheLuiz


      You got the wrong person as i never played Raven and never will, but there are way more skilled Raven veterans that can teach u

  8. Precisely that One time i switched class from Dreadlord to noblesse and my NB Lu retained her Chiliarch Poses randomly