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  1. cugiel


    thats retarded i will miss you mewy..
  2. Honestly, Void should give out EC for any maintenance that's longer than 10 minutes.
  3. vakb is literally nonexistant at this point
  4. 1. ciel is really, like really cheap 2. everythings good 3. no its not, heroic is better; and theres a new, better weap than apo, it's from the new raid
  5. dude, just use airelinna or w/e its spelled and a ventus potion, socket speed, use phoenix at the start of the stage, put it in the trans slot, and voilla you will never get kicked again. its not fucking hard, stop bitching because youre bad and if you really struggle with something that simple, then additionaly use a mount, rush to the end of the stage, and attack a mob.
  6. amazing guild
  7. erik..

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    2. cugiel
    3. Yani


      i love you no homo

    4. cugiel


      thanks i love you too

      i gotta go to school tho so bye ; / 

  8. no, just no. i would increase catastrophes casting speed i would change all buffs duration to infinite revamp Innocents combos because theyre really weird honestly new animations for diangelions skills because theyre ugly af right now, especially the one where lu hits the ground and boom happens rocks idk what its called give twilight back invisible trap and take it away from ga.. why did they take it away from her in the first place like wtf??????
  9. i have like 30 pages for rena but i hate rena nowadays, so fuck
  10. hey and can you use bigger font, its hard to read ; /
  11. my favorite mod from today onwards i love you