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  1. no, just no. i would increase catastrophes casting speed i would change all buffs duration to infinite revamp Innocents combos because theyre really weird honestly new animations for diangelions skills because theyre ugly af right now, especially the one where lu hits the ground and boom happens rocks idk what its called give twilight back invisible trap and take it away from ga.. why did they take it away from her in the first place like wtf??????
  2. i have like 30 pages for rena but i hate rena nowadays, so fuck
  3. hey and can you use bigger font, its hard to read ; /
  4. my favorite mod from today onwards i love you
  5. i was playing eu until lvl 20 and then i quit because i was bored like half a year later i had discovered void
  6. tz lubie duzych mezczyzn

  7. thats not a pirate sirĀ vaJZvV6.jpg

    1. Berthe



      Who's that then?


    2. mmiri


      no idea seems like a well dressed man in his uhh maybe sixties?? im bad at guessing age

    3. Berthe
  8. this beard is /fa/ as fuck

  9. jak tam zycko

    1. Danny


      haha fajnie

    2. mmiri


      powinienem byl napisac rzycko zjebalem

  10. hey you furry fuck

  11. isnt phd like 8 years total bye
  12. thanks for making a thread that isnt filled with some bullshit rules, appreciated
  13. i missed a snack