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  1. Accepted. You can apply on guild board or whisper me ~ IGN: Natsukye
  2. Accepted. Please apply on board and we'll add you to guild shortly.
  3. Welcome in guild FightingShot ~ Kicking spree so there's 10 free spots >.<
  4. NATSU-SWAN /O/ \O\

    1. Natsukye


      *Steps on you*

  5. Sorry for the waiting time ~ You're accepted! Please apply on board or whisper me if I'm online and I'll get you in ~
  6. Welcome to guild ~ Sorry for the waiting time > . < Please apply on board or you can whisper me if I'm still online ~
  7. Looks good to me ~ I'm online right now you can either whisper me or you can apply on board and I'll invite you from there~ Have a nice day everyone! ~
  8. Can you fill this application form please? It'd be appreciated and make it a lot easier! ~
  9. Welcome in guild ~ Please apply at the board or whisper any of us to get you in! ~ Also, welcome back to Void ~
  10. The one on board is ready. Can you please follow the application form? ~
  11. Welcome in guild ~ Will get you in through the board~