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  1. Don't find 100% max useful, as you have really high chance of getting max dmg already, why don't you use some of them on extra damage I would suggest 90%.
  2. Els PVP 2019: FP spams bullets, Bullet Blitz and Shooting Bind 24/7 in his room called "1v1 Practice" Why are people feeling angry anyway Just give up the whole system and become a 101% PVE player
  3. Since KOG has been improving the movement, cancel points and stuffs for smoother combo, it won't take you so long to optimize your way to play Raven again. But I have to point out that: 1. PVP is no longer a place for skillful players, but GEARED players instead. I did some PVP with Metamorphy [3rd job of Dimension Witch] (which is extremely dead in Void because her commands are either seriously lag sensitive or mana feeding, only ^^Z is usable) and managed to burn 90% of others' HP without KO them, later that bullshit just awakened and oneshot me with 2 skills. If you want to show off your beautiful and flashy combo in PVP, you better give up this idea and play PVE, or just kill Lowes with your decent combo in training room. I don't suggest you to do meaningless and time-wasting stuffs tho. 2. PVE doesn't need flashy combo but 24/7 skill and potion spam, endgame gears are required as well. In endgame dungeons, if the commands of specific classes are recovering huge amount of resources, dealing high damage or attributed with buffs/debuffs, no one would use them, unless you are going to do secret dungeons and heroic dungeons only before you decide to uninstall this game. 3. If you have read point 1 and 2, you will realize that "flashy combo is practically useless nowadays". Therefore, do not waste your time on it, play it casually or just give Els up. The more hope you have, the more despair will you receive.
  4. It should be implemented with Compressed Darkness's potion cubes as well
  5. Wrapped one is somewhat useless as it gives Maxi, mp gain upon hitting and mp gain upon hit only The exchange options for those sage stones won't happen
  6. I mean, why not~~~ At least I can gather more costumes in this way...
  7. Because it's Raven, who has received some nice passives, unlike other classes (e.g. Aether Sage) receiving unjustified nerfs.
  8. Big oof to Void allowing Sage and Wedge stones abuse o_o...
  9. Umm Elite Get Greedy isn't banksharable tho ;-;... +1
  10. Oof Frostie best guild master

    1. NoblesseFrostings


      oof how come 'u'...

  11. Void wants it to be fair Well, I hope they can rotate VAK asap...
  12. Seen: S> Laby's used panties and my virgin Used: Nope coz I am poor af
  13. Void isn't the issue Void is the best server I have seen (of course it can be better, still the best) Seeing how crazy and disappointing the reboots are, it makes me question official servers' survival
  14. +1 Void is super bad at bring back old contents so please do it~_~
  15. Unless KOG develops a system, which allows you to see the status of your recipient's shared bank expansion. Otherwise, making it giftable doesn't make sense. You would say that "oh that guy requested an account bank expansion for gift and I know that he doesn't have it at all so why can't I gift it to him". Remember, game developers always minimize the existing / potential bugs to prevent abuse or misuse.