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  1. +1 Void is super bad at bring back old contents so please do it~_~
  2. +11111111111111111111111111111 ouo
  3. 1. It has been expensive since Laby release 2. Shaviana Truffle is another level of cancer, so with its high price, EC becomes expensive as well
  4. I thought we would get some V2.6 fixes and readjustment of Naeun +9 craft umm
  5. Tbh I don't really recommend new Elsword players to play Void first. If you are spoiled by the Void welfare, you will never ever wanna go back to NA (no one wants tho lel)
  6. To be honest, the idea isn't bad. However, things like that should be KOG's job and Void cannnot do it. The main issue is, how to change these buffs/debuffs into stacking effects allowing infliction with RNG, colour and appearance on weapons, resistance, UI, enchanting system, and acquiring method. Void cannot generate effects that are not existing in database.
  7. All available sets related to summer / swimming become craftable Re-release those accessories that are rare in the market Craftable +9 and +10 scrolls, or even +11 Continue the force skill crafting
  8. Yeah I saw it. But it seems that Void staffs don't want to hold any enhancement event. I wanted to reply your comment. Nevermind, let's see if the staffs apply it or not. For me, KOG shouldn't have made force skills (not mod skills) accessible in PVP. EDIT: By the way, Henir set was OP endgame gears really long time ago, and Void made that double drop. Umm... OK I will remove the rationales. But according to what you have mentioned, the untradable +10 scroll costs ~950M only.
  9. 75/100M is just too easy to acquire. This will be abused because you can have many chars in a single account. Unless Void can make a separate mission, which is account only + weekly.
  10. V2.6 is here and as expected, it's underwhelming and I doubt such trash contents released by KOG could ever save this game Anyway, I have some suggestions related to this patch 1. Due to how hard the Henir Challenge mode is, and to make this feature Void customized, let's DOUBLE the new Henir shards acquired from the dungeon as we did before 2. Make Daydreamer's promo costume available in 2nd job promo costume cube, I think it's one of the most wanted feature for long 3. Old Naeun +9 scroll crafting is outdated as the essential Henir material gets removed. Since there's a Henir mission about clearing 5th stage or higher twice per week to get 3 shards (lmfao kog seriously?), can we have an extra item acquired from this mission, which allows us to get an untradable +10 scroll? Like: Weekly Henir Mission = N shards + 1 piece of Lv.10 Scroll Crafting Token 2 Tokens + 500M ED + 50 El Rewards + 60 Heroic Souls + 999 Red / Blue / Purple Fragment Powder = Untradable Lv.10 Scroll Sigh, let's see what will KOG do with character revamp. If it's horrible as before, it's time to quit this game
  11. Thank you Void <3 tbh, I miss the timer gift Known bug (idk where the post is and i'm too lazy to find it): Optimus Promo Top doesn't show the goggles correctly, they are supposed to be transparent but it's white in-game, please fix it when you can .u. @VoidEls
  12. Saw that "Apink Card Revamp" me: OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Read the patch notes me: ;w; .......... Anyway, thanks for another MW expansion <333333333
  13. That's why people blamed the one who voted for this buff