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  1. +1 Heroics are kind of lacking in motivation imo so this would be nice
  2. Name: Zamber IGN(s): Luminairess Character(s)/Class(es): Luminairess(Radiant) / Oleana(CBS) Previous Guild(optional): Just a closed off guild for buffs What made you decide to join us?: Don't really have anyone that frequently plays elsword anymore so it would be nice to have people to play/talk with again Referral(if referred, optional): None Do you plan on staying long?: I tend to stay with things until the dying breath for better or worse
  3. You can still get the normal elixirs at alchemist npcs but it's kind of pricey.
  4. +1 Will help people consider to try other areas of the game from time to time
  5. I wouldn't mind if they took out 2 and then added 2 of last the month so people can get a feel if they wanna invest on leftover pieces or just came back to void in general.