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  1. guess I'll try since it sounds like a fun theme to do huhu~ Long haired Furious Blade, because who can stop me~! IGN : DaddyAin WIP Reference :
  2. Your Name: Kogi / Domi (whichever is preffered)IGN: DoughmiMain or Alt?: Secondary MainAge & Timezone (optional): 18, GMT + 2About you: Smol artist thing that plays for pure fun of it. A bit of a shy and anxious bean but I like making new fwens and chatting with people a lot (even though I am a bit bad at it sometimes). Why would chu like to join?: I want to make new friends and people I could play with and just have fun! Playing games is always more fun with more people rather than all on your own after all!
  3. No worries I still have another guildless character, the more fwends the merrier uvu
  4. The discord link doesn't seem to be working for some reason so Imma apply hereee IGN : Kogiomu Class : Ain / Herrsher Age : 18 Gender : Female About me : I'm mostly known for being an artist that plays the game just to have fun. I've been playing elsword since roughly 2013 but despite my long career I'm still pretty bad at it... But at least it brings me joy! I'm a tad shy and get scared easily but I love getting to know new people and chatting about all sorts of nerdy stuff like anime or wild elsword theories (that have no merit but hey! most theories don't). I'd be very happy to join and have fun with all of you!
  5. Since a while back, I've sadly failed to find a cozy guild I could really feel like a member of... Sad girl hours. I am not looking for much, basically a talkative PvE based guild in which I could find people that could help me cure my crippling loneliness syndrome Feel free to invite me if you want a small weird that randomly nyas in your guild! I swear I'm a good grill. IGN : Kogiomu
  6. My main main is Ain but I also sidemain Luciel since a while ago cuz Ciel is my secondary els bae :^)
  7. Ultimate dream of the poor people in void community But sadly, dreams usually stay dreams;;
  8. Altho I'm kinda sad that the recolor doesn't include my main Ain, I guess I can hunt for the bear costume thing, it cute and I apprecieate cute things
  9. Yo yo yo yoooo! It's yo grill, Nikami aka the smol trash of a human being Idk why I never introduced myself tbh, I've been playing on this server for a long time now But yeh, if ya see these IGN's ingame, it me! Aliyan, Anray, Saiomi, Aindorable, DaddyAin, Arvoniji, Domia Have a nice day, ya'll who read this~
  10. Have a good life in a new game lolol *goes back to the abyss*
  11. I don't remember which it was, but I was here before Add's release on void. I remember playing SD as my first character lololol