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  1. Remember to PM sir, I've been waiting more than 8 hours ^^

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    2. Peque
    3. Cabify


      Welp, gimme 5 minutes, and i can get online. Let me ur IGN and i'll whisper u.

    4. Peque


      Ok, my IGN is Peque

  2. IM stuffs that I used IGN: xMystique
  3. Cabify

    [Official] New ED Burner Discussion

    It's good idea but price about seals will be expensive(I mean, the price of seal will increase)
  4. P/C and C/O for RM(Blue) 5/5, Mk-b(8/9) no legwings and PD(Yellow)+weap. All 4 Rena

  5. 1.2k, doing 2v2 and killing her the 4 times.
  6. Cabify


    Ty for the welcome, hope i can get along with everyone PS: my english is not the best but ill try to do my best xD
  7. Cabify


    Oh my
  8. Cabify


    I guess, ill start using my forum account, so.. Hi to everyone ;p IGN: lMeru