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  1. Remember to PM sir, I've been waiting more than 8 hours ^^

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    2. Peque
    3. Cabify


      Welp, gimme 5 minutes, and i can get online. Let me ur IGN and i'll whisper u.

    4. Peque


      Ok, my IGN is Peque

  2. It's good idea but price about seals will be expensive(I mean, the price of seal will increase)
  3. P/C and C/O for RM(Blue) 5/5, Mk-b(8/9) no legwings and PD(Yellow)+weap. All 4 Rena

  4. Cabify


    Ty for the welcome, hope i can get along with everyone PS: my english is not the best but ill try to do my best xD
  5. I guess, ill start using my forum account, so.. Hi to everyone ;p IGN: lMeru