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  1. Hated


    why should we get golden seals
  2. when you start playing aisha again after years i really miss it dont need to tell me that im bad i already know i just dont care
  3. -1 would be to easy to get a +11
  4. welcome to void and the forums
  5. the kick system works fine i mean I got an afk warning but still made the most dmg at the end of the dungeon i dont even know how this was possible
  6. there already was an suggestion for this some monts ago always the same answer no eta
  7. first post and its a goodbye post ....well okay? uh bye then owo
  8. -1 lol the server isnt 24/7 full just wait an log in later
  9. you say you cant clear add dungeon and they you say you dont care about elrianode gear pls thats dumb sry i bet you would use a +9 ammy for some useless lv 24 heroic weap and cry because you are to weak