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  1. aaa bye and thank you again if you need anything you can always call me on discord
  2. sometimes on high stages even with 4 ppl you cant do that dungeon because its to op
  3. If its just a "maintenance with some extra" they shouldnt call it "naeuns rework"
  4. At least they could update everyting from naeun i mean now everyone burn ibs because of the nice rota so many ppl got this gamble cubes from ibs open them got this crystals and the exchange is...meh I mean 8 crystals for 1 sage stone or some useless +8 amu...
  5. This doesnt make it better i still lost my 5k crystals
  6. Got like 5k henir stuff and now when everyting is gone i can exchange them ? I mean yay i got 30 crystals from ed burner i can exchange them yaay No im mad
  7. Am i blind or they didnt change the crystals for exchange?
  8. Hated

    Bring back IW

    ooh owo why they dont make it like the other rotations and bring back an old recolor and a new recolor we could get IW and a new recolor
  9. Hated

    Bring back IW

    b-but you just said thats exactly what thex did they just dont chose a uh "good" set its ugly af tbh also i just wonder why Structure make the set for Rose,Ain, Laby too but not the other sets we already had on rota back like CS and KH thats its a bit sad