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  1. Hated

    Regarding Laby's IB costumes

    I think its AD, NBS, VIG or EO this IBs are always the first IBs for new chars i also hope we get VAKb
  2. Hated

    Economy problems.

    the guild coins should be for the guild and not for the profit for only one person
  3. Hated

    Economy problems.

    this is so sad
  4. Hated

    Economy problems.

    idk whats wrong with the people on this game are the ec prices to high everybody is crying is the price to low everybody is crying
  5. Hated

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    Well just a question but how does it always feel when you make such big updates with a new char and know you make so many void players so happy with that
  6. Hated

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    O perfect thats nice thanks
  7. Hated

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    whats UI again?
  8. Hated

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    well i hope the laby hype is over soon not that she is on void
  9. Hated

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    everyone: yay laby me: yay guild base skins and reso update
  10. Hated

    Raid accessories

  11. Hated

    Returning to the grind

    Welcome back to Void!
  12. i really hope they will bring VAKb back i dont want to wait more 5 years to get VAKb hair
  13. Hated


    welcome to void!
  14. Hated

    Rotate PD,PDr and VAKB ...

    there is already a thread whre you can vote what old rare IB you maybe want to see on rota again
  15. omg this is so good we need this