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  1. this was suggested a few time like Beckendorf say but they declined it because of technical difficulties
  2. I really dont like this rota nothing worth burning my ed
  3. Tammy

    SD gear Renewal

    i dont think that void can change this
  4. Lylan nooo every good person leave I will miss you and your videos
  5. Tammy


    why code scam you can gift it
  6. when someone cry and say you only die yes dont you see i only die every match i die like 3 times every match 90% of my loose is only because i die see? and thats my friend is a raging Raven when he lose if you read this you suck at pvp
  7. IGN Lord more screens used items Reference
  8. im bored anyways and reading this just show how dumb most people are your literally cry about something that makes void to void
  9. nobody gives a fuck about it who cares really if you dont like it shut up or leave god damn oh no i lvl to fast omg cry LOL
  10. why making a thread about it? imagine everyone makes a thread about anything he dont like bruh