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  1. Sariel

    How Would You Rate the Void Economy ?

    I guess it's k The economy can be whatever it wants, I will always stay poor in any way lmao
  2. Sariel

    Increase Profile Picture Size

    *Me : Takes HD pic and carefully crops it so it will look neat on forum *Forum : Makes it look like Susan Boyle anyway *Me : ded meme +1 OMFG
  3. Sariel

    Salut (hi) all!

    Salut, bienvenu sur Void ! J'espère que ton séjour ici se passera bien ______ Welcome fam, hope you'll enjoy Void c:
  4. +10 for my Void Weap, powerspike is pretty big compared to +10 heroic
  5. Sariel

    Which characters do you fund the most?

    Chung used to get all my attention until I swapped main. Now it's Ain and more precisely Herrscher in both costumes and gears
  6. Sariel

    [12/21/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Rich n*gga with alt accounts :
  7. Sariel

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    fReE pLuS tEn WeN ?
  8. Sariel

    Its me. But who am I?

    Hey Me ! Welcome in hell !
  9. Sariel

    Make Hanger Removals Bulk-Buyable

    -1 ; I'm too poor for bulk-buying anyway Aight take your +1 you rich people
  10. Sariel

    Do you think void is "dying"?

    Mh.. I believe Void has seen worse in terms of shrinking playerbase. What currently bothers me though, is that fcking glitched party system. Like come on, there are 6 peeps in queue, why am I launching it alone for like 95% of the times ?
  11. *Me, an intellectual, being in Christmas since November 1st : "Wow I can’t wait for that sweet christmas event" *Void : Does an obvious stability maintenance *Me :
  12. Sariel

    [Lemniscata] - We are infinity [CLOSED!]

    Bump again :>