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  1. I don't mean to be a burden or annoyance in any way, but just asking:

    Are you still selling your Eve IB's? You seem to be avoiding the replies of the people who are interested in your inventory on your thread. If you aren't wanting to sell the IB's anymore, then it's no big deal, although I can guarantee you a lot of ED for your MK-2 Drone.


  2. Hi, do you still have Ain’s LoW Hair?

    1. Apples


      Unfortunately, I do not. I'm soooooo sorry!!! uwu

  3. I'd love to see a really dope-looking Atlas-Themed recolored NBS set though, where it's basically blue, white and green themed, with maybe a little bit of black for all characters. Would look really neat on a Code: Sariel or something like that. Could name it something like "Atlas Commander" or whatever. Hahahhahahahah, definitely not referring to MAYA or anythingggg.......................
  4. Thank you very much!!! :O I think I should edit this thread now since you gave me a very ideal suggestion!
  5. Hello!~ I just feel like as KR got their Radiant Flower (Black) for an Event, it'd also be nice if Void could also carry this on as well, because I know a lot more players, besides me, are interested in this Ice Burner(?) Only thing about it is that in KR, it's not an Ice Burner Costume, but it's a recolor of an Ice Burner Costume, kind of the equivalence of El Search Party Officer and El Search Party Officer (Ver. Dark). I think you achieved the Radiant Flower (Black) Costume set in an Event Dungeon in KR, which I believe was either from the Laby Prerelease dungeon, or the Treasure Hunter Special Dungeon and you got it for a reward. Anyways, This is basically all I have to address for the Radiant Flower (Black) and I hope more individuals agree with my idea. As the title states, it could either show up in one of the next ED Burner Rotations, or from something else.
  6. Haha, that's so great to hear! I'm glad you're back, man! Apples!~
  7. You wanna talk in PM so I don't get a warning from the staff?
  8. Of course I am. That's why I made a forum. I haven't even created the name for it yet, since I'm still thinking of a good name. I thought of [KawaiiOnly] [AnotherCode] and [EtherElChaos] (All are based off of NA guild names I have joined back when I played NA. c:
  9. Yes, I am looking for a new, Independent guild that is for Eve's-only so we can have a whole bunch of similarities with each other. Please, don't hesitate to message me if you're interested. This'll be a very fun experiment that I hope will work. ^^
  10. Hey, how much for the NBS 4/5 for Eve?

    1. ImSense


      its hanger