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  1. IGN: Hibernal Title: Lifeguard Rena - Fun with no safety is but fuel to the summer sun's fire Description: Summer's sure a season to enjoy at the beach while bonding with the sea, but that does not mean we give up on our safety! Item list:
  2. No not really, I meant adding more staff with less capabilities which makes the whole process shorter because you won't have to entrust them with more capabilities such as those of a GS or GM. Additionally, what I'm saying is that the committee can add more perspective, in the end it will still be you two making the decision but they can provide you with more insight. If it's lv. 99 in 30 minutes as you say then there will be no need to review that, but what I'm saying is that they might be able to assist in more complex issues where people submit videos and record a lot of evidence, saving you the time and allowing you to review other appeals more efficiently. However, if as you say the only method to prove the hackers guilty is through complex technical matters, and there are no other comprehensible method to prove that otherwise, then I guess sticking to just you two will be the best option.
  3. @VoidCM Perhaps you can set up a committee in charge of reviewing ban appeals? I originally wanted to suggest setting up a training regime that will allow you to evaluate the performance of recruits in order to see whether you can trust them or not, but since that will take a long time and there would still be risks regarding legal issues, having a committee specified to ban appeals will eliminate those risks. The committee members can review previous appeals and add more perspective to existing appeals that need further looking into. Of course, that does not mean discussing every single appeal, but at least you can reduce the number of unjustified appeals by having other people look into previous ones or existing ones that are worth looking into as I said. That way, you can say that an entire committee has reviewed the situation, and the community won't entirely blame the superior staff and FMs, reducing the pressure on them accordingly. Also, it was a good idea to open up to the community about the legal repercussions that you might face/be facing, I understand that you didn't want to open up not to worry the members, but I think it was good to do so now.
  4. +1 to the suggestion, since they don't share the added benefit of doing the normal dngs so yep there shd be another added benefit of doing them cus as u said: they r only available throughout the event n they r p. boring.
  5. Your Name: AhmadIGN: PhloemMain or Alt?: MainAge & Timezone (optional): 18, GMT +3About you: food. jk I enjoy writing, some reading, and gaming (specifically els, OW, and mobile legends). I rlly like adapting to whatever community I join and being familiar with the atmosphere n all so I'm hoping that the Dipshittery community will be a fun one to be part of if I get accepted :). P.S. I'm rlly into PvP but I want to give PvE a shot too soo yeps.Why would chu like to join?: I've been looking for a guild with like the chill fam vibes but apart from Dipshits, none caught my attention. I liked the crazy vibes y'all give off in the disc pics and how connected u r. U seem rlly caring (Marisia) in the forums n all when u reply to everyone and along with the vibes I've seen in the disc, would seem like a unique combination for a gr8 GM :).
  6. Name/Nickname (optional): Ahmad IGN: HibernalClass: RMMain or Alt: ^Previous Guild (if you were in one before): ReputedGear (Not relevant to joining, just want to know because i'm curious): I have a p. decent Elria that needs some final touches n I'm on my 450th run for the Void wep (":Timezone: GMT +3About you (optional): I enjoy reading, writing, and gaming in general. I play OW and VoidEls mostly, but I'm not super hardcore; I'm a casual-ish player so I dish in a couple of hours per day. Debating is one of my hobbies too but ofc not all the time LOOL like when there's an official topic being debated, also LOLing 24/7, I'm p. active on Discord.Why did you decide to join this Guild?: I love the cold and u have a freezing tree on ur thread- jk. After checking all the descriptions of the admins and the GM I kinda got a really good vibe, u seem like unique people with interesting personalities that will make my time in the guild if I get accepted worth it :)
  7. • Name/Nickname (optional): Ahmad • IGN: DrAhmad • Class: Innocent • Main or Alt: Main • Time Zone: GMT+3 Kuwait • Gear ( I'm curious ): Elrianode with purple tears, currently farming my Void wep (512 runs...) • About You: I'm rlly social and talkative, I've always been searching for a guild through which I can socialise n all and blend in straight away. I'm the type of person who'll blend in quickly and seem as a close friend straight away. I know this might sound funny but like I feel prideful that I'm the first application on the forums LOL. I'm a pure PvP player, I rarely PvE and only do so when needs be. I might not be the best at PvP but I always keep trying.
  8. If you are going to farm something demanding such as the Reaper title or something equivalent, how would you like to set your atmosphere? I personally like it to be versatile: sometimes I listen to music, then I close it, then I chat with my friends on discord voice. What suits you?
  9. Idk I thought that was a thing lel until I saw this thread