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  1. Accepted! You will be contacted on discord to receive an invite :) WELCOME TO THE DIPSHIT FAMILY!! @Chiro Thanks and good luck!
  2. +1, font needs to be changed. It's a slight adjustment that would really prove useful. It's also a pain sometimes doing trial and error with i and L LOL, but that's not the main focus. This even confuses staff with things like evidence a bit, or it just causes the process to falter cus they'd have to go and check with two accs instead of one.
  3. Definitely a +1. I enjoy playing Ereda a lot with guild members, and it's kind of sad that it takes so much to queue. PvP is already not very alive, so Ereda might as well be revived to ensure other activities players can participate in. It would also be two birds with one stone: farming and having fun. Might as well put my ded alts to use with Ereda, and I can also +10 the gear of my other alts gradually.
  4. Hi! I am part of the dipshits as you can see in my siggy. The community is very friendly, and we all know each other so well, it's like a huge circle; everyone's so social and funny, there's a special presence to everyone. Mari is our big mama, and she cares for us all. It's not an elitist guild, so you aren't required to do so many raids and be op accordingly or anyth. Very chill and fun overall, very easy to adapt to, everyone's so welcoming. You'll literally meld in so quickly n get to know everyone so much. Mari's a charming person, amazing personality, and so is everyone else. You might want to have a look at the rules though as there is absolutely no tolerance for NSFW some people don't really like that so yeah. Since you like to pop in every now and then you'll really enjoy it, I even check on discord when I'm not on pc and free cus it's just such a friendly and entertaining environment. Wish you all the best!
  5. An educated discussion I must say. I'm being boolied for my dark history p.s. it's 6b in total. OT- AbsoluteBumpshits. Edit: I should charge my phone and sleep, but since when did I do the things I should?
  6. You're not one day late to say hello LOL, it's never too late.
  7. Oo I see my future horror friend here Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here! We've got lots of scary stuff to catch up on LOL.
  8. Welcome! Dam I always wished for my brothers or sisters to game with me, but rip LOL! Hope you enjoy your time tho! It's never too late btw.
  9. What made you choose your guild? At first, it was the GM's attitude on forums (s/o to Mariroo), I was frankly happy when I saw that she was a GM of a guild as I was searching for one. She just felt like a polite, chill person, and when I checked some screenshots on their thread, I just got some p. great vibes. What do you expect from a guild? Honesty and transparency, responsible and dedicated staff and GM, fun and lively community, a community who tries to kill any potential drama off. How often do you run guild expedition? Only if there's a ping n they need an extra person who would basically do nth LOL (cus I was strictly stuck in PvP, I only started PvEing very recently) What are your favorite guild passives? Never really paid attention, but anyth that's not dungeon only. How do you like your guild's community? If it's a general Q then I kind of answered that up there, but if it's about my current guild, I really am enjoying my time there. Everyone's just so fun and chill, and there's always sth to laugh about in every topic we talk about LOL. When we need to get serious, we do so without really affecting the general mood of the guild (PMs, dedicated channels, etc...). I was in a guild that had an amazing community way way back, but after I quit and re-joined due to some issues, they kind of completely changed. It became more of a gossip chat and teasing people 24/7 type of thing, not a normal community. It took me a lot of time to find a guild with a community that I can adapt to and be part of, but I'm glad my efforts came to fruition by stumbling upon AbsoluteDipshits. @Marisia best GM ever.
  10. Thanks Lylan! Actually I came back 6 months ago but ya rip LOL Thanks! Ikr? What's better than the winter-
  11. Yo. I've been playing Void for a pretty long time, and I have made an intro ages ago (we're talking 3 years?). However, since I have quit and re-joined twice, my second return being only recently, I thought I should make an introduction, especially since my personal character has changed a lot since; I plan to be more active on forums as well so, why not the intro I guess? what am I even saying anymore Anyhow, there's not much to me as a person, just a chill, p. talkative guy that likes socialising on discord. My major interests in life are: Horror and animation movies (two completely different genres but Idk why LOL), writing, reading, and gaming. While I may have been playing this game for so long, I am paying the price for being such a careless person when it comes to learning about the game. I kind of mixed up being a casual player with deliberately not learning anything. All I did was buy stuff of board and PvP LOL. However, it's never too late to learn so yea I'm kind of starting from scratch? Also, one of the major things that are making myself enjoy my stay here is my guild (S/o to Maroo HBD MARIROO! <3) You might notice I use lots of other-side Moka pics, that's because I'm a big fan of her charisma. You can find me anywhere cold, and winter is my favourite season and my current nickname LOL. Nice to meet you all anyway :)!