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  1. I would change some IM skills: Give blade Circle mod a large range for his attack. Having two blade spawns in infinite chaser (Like 1 from behind my char and other one on the end of the sword blast, like hitting from front and behind) or just having them falling from above and hitting in the same range as the original. Give Rage cutter mod a bigger hit box. Having two phantom swords with 50% less dmg each than the original but twice the hits. Using Final strike in mid air too. uwu And for a final... A new costume for elbois based on the fate series! (Just imagine IM with this costume).
  2. For me IM is the best uwu. Not popular: RM (Some say that he slow as Internet Explorer).
  3. Well... Its luto but in my opinion is not cool to kick someone even if they cancel luto.
  4. Well... Pvp is a bit boring and laggy for most of us. Is not worth going
  5. Is not a big deal... You can buy the manuals for a really good price
  6. Stay away from "Free +11 just login here" megas.
  7. A very interesting yet hard to make idea. But I have to say no to this
  8. Good. Single ppl is now pleased... (Oof).