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  1. They removed the scenes. Now u can move even if it says "Danger"
  2. This is getting a lot of hate.... +1 but do like 500 or 600 void cubes and maybe 5b ed?
  3. GAMER GURL!!!! (Good to have you here. Hope you enjoy the game!).
  4. Add Henir frags exchange for the upcoming events!
  5. Ah that colour is hurting my eyes...
  6. Some of this ones.
  7. Dont trust labys or ravens
  8. As long as I can achieve my goal of making all ravens be erased ... +1
  9. Fiere

    Bring back IW

    I hope void staff can do that... So ppl can stop complaining about that
  10. Fiere

    Bring back IW

    I mean allowing a new character to use an old ib
  11. Fiere

    Bring back IW

    updating ibs for new characters is a work for KoG right? Or void staff could do that?