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  1. Fiere


    Stay away from "Free +11 just login here" megas.
  2. Fiere

    Most fun dungeon?

  3. Fiere

    Suggestion: Community Representatives

    A very interesting yet hard to make idea. But I have to say no to this
  4. Fiere

    Soo.. No valentine event?

    Good. Single ppl is now pleased... (Oof).
  5. Fiere

    What do you hate the most in this game?

    Cocky ppl and chungs.
  6. For me its just xxxx spam and the dumb ppl that thinks: "Oh i do a lot of dmg with rose... IM AWESOME BETTER BRAG ABOUT IT". I dont hate the character but I hate the ppl that use her and brag...
  7. Fiere

    Arena revamp/improvements

    For some of us is the reason why we left pvp uwu
  8. Fiere

    Arena revamp/improvements

    Dont forget the salt in pvp. That is another reason
  9. IGN: Roumen Main or Alt: Main  Age: 21 Reason to join: Currently with no guild and looking for a chill place. A pick from my character.
  10. Fiere

    [1/18/19] Update Discussion Thread

    Still waiting for a good looking dark hair for elboi.
  11. Fiere


    The overpowered KE will never come...
  12. Fiere


    I prefer Sieghart
  13. Fiere

    Worst bravery skill.

    This is the worst bravery for me (Only when is used against me ).