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  1. Halted sun gives 1.5m per run. You guys might want to note that here. edit: seems to be because of void buff and if you go with a person with over 1m CP to clear it fast with pet pickup. In that case the ED obtained is conveniently the same as the naeun magic stone prices. kthnx
  2. I do know that I remember getting a +10 on my main from some pouches maybe a year ago or so? That was sadly on my main and cannot be banked. Sadly those are no longer on void. Why did they remove it anyway? If I did not loose internet I probably would have ad maybe at least a few +10s and a few +11s by now.
  3. Is +12 or +13 even obtainable in Void? I thought void purposely disabled anything over +11 to keep people from getting too OP?
  4. Ah I see, so basically a force get rewards and then reset the count the same time.
  5. I was planning on the last part, do as many as you like and it would all count like on type void. And what rewards every week unless reset ticket used? Would that mean you need rewards to get that ticket too, no?
  6. Only the 3 varymir ones and not drabaki.
  7. Why do quests in the first place, I would rather have the El rewards always happen at clear on SDs like with the apink cards. or for every SD run, reward 1 el reward from the quest. However I think 1 for completion is a better idea because people try to farm el rewards anyways on alts and if they can do all 300 the same day for the title then that would probably make everyone happy. Like who would want to do it on their alts that they might not like to play when they have their main? Or better yet, have the sd quests be repeatable and have it be: clear 1 SD 1 time. rewards: 1 el reward 30 barrier fragments 1.5m ED - to make the farm worth it as some people might want to use it for naeun magic stones anyway (well me anyway) This would be perfect for people who want to grind SD’s. Also for me SDs only would give my main 450k ED each run, vs Halted would give 1.5m per run (the cost of a good naeun magic stone). With this quest I could move from that hell of a dungeon to SD’s again.
  8. As much as I hate that place, I have to agree with Hail on this, If I could increase my CP to that of Hail’s and bring hail and Soith (his in game wife I think) we would still clear that bitch, heck even now if I could play as I would provide a res pool. Long story short, if you cannot clear, ask a guildie to help carry you and you be the res pool. Even if you run out of res it still gives you the same result as if you did not die (as rewards) when they clear it.
  9. Hmm I would like for the top 3 cubes, to also include ciel’s costume or lu’s depending on the class that changes who that would be obtained for him/her on their 2nd job, since basically on their 2nd job each is on (really) their 1st. - only when opened on a lu/ciel.
  10. Ok so, last time I seen, depending on the tab the card expands, can vary from 7/8m~60m I find this unacceptable as it only expands a single row. Now what if naeun sold untradeable and unbankable ones in a random cube (pure RNG) at maybe 3~6m a piece. That way 1, it is a ED sink, and 2 gives the user a chance to expand at least a tab of their inventory if they needed to. And as an added bonus, the cube if unused could be used to craft a specific one as well, like for example on the special tab have the craft fee be like 5~6m because of the amount of ED used to get the random cube and throw in 30 apink cards in the craft as well. What you guys think? Would this change help the new or older players especially if they are poor in game and irl? I think this might not break the economy in void but then again might wipe them from the board. I can see it both ways really.
  11. Alright nice, how many is obtained then if a party member (not you) gets it?
  12. hmm ok, how many of those crystals does it take to trade for it then?
  13. I think that if FoJ was added as an achievement reward fir clearing any Varymir raid dungeon 1,000 times (similar to the apoc one for clearing energy theory 1,000 times) could help players that are not so lucky to get a FoJ drop. Or is it all based on points and you simply choose what you want? Also what about a buyable dummy FoJ and Type Void weapon costumes for MW? The copies having no stats or at least none that are OP like maybe crit +3%;maximize +3%;Crit chance +10% (who do not want more crit chance %?).