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  1. 1. IC's can be too bad to use, not many people could get enough IC's for it. However if there was an ticket for the selected IB et to be pernament, unable to bank share, unable to trade, unable to seal IB items. 2. IB compensation cube would be too bad to get by bank. The bank is too bugged. However if it was in level up cube it would be perfect (provided you still can get the god damn cube). There are many players that cannot and so this means all quests would have to be reset (yet again) for everyone to make this option fair. 3. ER, is good, what about Savator Denif, Savator Solace, etc. for things based on all of the El Masters? or even maybe the Henir Lord set as well as an option? Other than that this looks good.
  2. @VoidEls Can you add some of the items pictured in this thread to the untradeable list? Hopefully this would help fix the board as well. Also I do think there should be an cap on normal equipment and costume prices as well. I think no costumes or equipment or pets should exceed 500m. Pets (set as high as 250m), equipment to as high as 150m, and Costumes as high as 500m. So that way there is nobody overpricing items just to troll. Then again the items (equipments) should scale on the maximum board price by item level (level that the character has to be to equip) that it is, enhancement, sockets, and the attributes it has. (Low level items would have a very low price and value while SD, Henir, and Heroic items would have high value.
  3. I think this is possible still just make sure that the costume items that is inserted in (data036.kom) and maybe some other files as well that links to the right direct X 9 model files. Btw I also plan to make an special direct X model editor for Elsword soon so then you can open each part separately and be able to save a copy for IB recolors so then all void has to do is insert them in the kom files. Hopefully it would be of some help. Also I plan to crack algorithm 2 and (maybe lzma compression) on the images, and algorithm 3 due to the unpacker needing to know all algorithms to avoid data corruption. The problem is Algorithm 3 meaning people can very easily if they know what they are doing create their own hacks like people did before on NA with their god pet / title hack with the lua's. And that is the whole reason why kog locked them out of the lua's to begin with. And then they decided since they got mad at people editing the textures to lock them out of that too, However yeah it is an WIP but please no public youtube videos on it as I do not want kog to patch the algorithms again. And so Algorithm 2 & 3 support must be confidential when I get it done. This means only mod void, not any official servers as they can find out then and it would be game over for every modder (I am only doing it for fun and plus I hate the original imagry myself without mods of my own so yeah). Also with the fact of me in WIP on an model edityor that means it is very easy to then later on be able to modify any of the game's files without any issues (or is planned to be able to). And if the blue versions of the DW / BM is not in aisha's kom file I could make a version of the models (when done with the model editor for Elsword, Note: the model editor I need the help of d3v401 who was the main developer to ESEmu to complete it perfectly) and then create or use the needed textures.
  4. Then if it is not wanted to be lowered an level 95 cube option could help a lot more than the current +9 crap. And the SD sets as well (depending on what all it is).
  5. +11 scrolls are much overpriced in the first place and it is stupid for it to be. Also I said to make it untradeable meaning you can Board it.
  6. Actually it is still working for it even if you was given equipment to run Heroic Hell dungeons like I pointed out in the 1st post.
  7. hmm That is an idea for it to give maybe an +9 or +10 perk weapon that is definitely untradeable.
  8. Currently New Characters without an Secret Dungeon set (or do not want the secret dungeon sets) and still use the +9 level 85 weapons from the level 85 level up cube are currently shit out of luck when it comes to Heroic Hell mode dungeons. However they can ran normal heroic dungeons provided they have certificates (which are sadly not buyable at Naeun now). This makes it impossible for them to queue to hopefully get good people to help carry them to good weapons. (After All I am picky on Heroic equipment and I only keep the Unique+ grade ones. Anything less I discard. However if it is the Legend grade I would keep those over Unique even. The point of this is that new characters cannot run heroic Hell dungeons as the level 85 equipment from the level up boxes are not good enough even with socket expands on every part (The item level on some characters can reach up to 149 if lucky, but others even lower than that). As you can see the level 85 equipment is not enough. Maybe there is a need for level 95 +9's to allow them to be able to run Heroic Hell if it is not changed to 140 instead of 150? The benefits of this change is that then now most (if not all) new characters in the server would then be able to enter Heroic Hell. This is just an suggestion but in a nutshell every new character when of high level (or the highest) should be able to run Heroic Hell even if they have no other equipment other than the ones from the level up cubes. So, @VoidEls what you think about this suggestion? Think it could make it sometime into Void?
  9. tbh it would be nice if the +9 on the relic fragments exchange (if kept) was changed to an untradeable +11 so reflect the level 85 SD sets and the heroic sets. (Unless Void makes an custom level for the SD sets and enhancement level where they become level 99 SD sets (Which I would absolutely like even more). Currently the way things are now with the given +9's after level 85. You cannot enter Heroic Hell (item level 150) with most characters even if you socket, them (with socket expands). This makes things harder for those who do not want an SD set and have new characters. Unless the Average Item level of Heroic Hell was reduced to 140?
  10. that itself is No ETA. Well I got to reproduce that again to make the script which requires a ton more memory than just 4 GB on an 64 bit system. (4 GB on an 64 bit system is like having 2 GB on an 32 bit Windows 7 system) It just does not allow much (if any) flex room at all and can cause graphics and shit to bug out.
  11. That does not work all the time on Windows 7 as sometimes for files like gamemon.des or gamemon64.des being open in an completely different executable not on that list and using windows services that that thing does not include on stopping and then deleting the gameguard folder and then restarting the services. Believe me I had this fucking issue last night when I had to use git bash that gameguard happily fucking detects and shit that it should not fuckign detect to begin with.all because while I was running Elsword I had to do an emergency commit on my discord bot's code and gpg sign is autopmatically on for it on every commit for github. So yeah I should know the steps to avoid an restart / relog to my user account on windows since I fucking did it last night.
  12. Take Advantage? Excuse me? I fucking wrote this code to help others. Not to fucking take advantage of anyone. I am sure Lilu probably knows some Visual Basic too and if he does he could look at the code to verify himself it is safe as well. Remember my rewrite of ELs_kom? People at first thought it was not safe but it was actually back when it worked with modding void's kom files. Also did you know Virus total automatically sees to antiviruses automatically detect visual basic code as malicious even when they are not. If I rewrite it in C++ there would be no false possitives as it would also have direct hardware interface and use ISO C++ headers that alone cannot harm anyone's system unless you know how to use them for that. And even then a person starting out with C++ (me) cannot even do that anyway unless you purpusly put in an memory leak in an for loop that loops forever. Matter of fact Endgame and Qihoo-360 both automatically think all visual basic applications are bad which is not nessisarily the case but it judges them by the entry point that is universal. Besides you guys trust VoidCM with making voidels.exe in delphy or pascal. How do you know if it is laced with malware or not? Also you guys do not take into account any possible FALSE POSITIVES in antiviruses not all antiviruses are perfect as you are well aware with voidels issues with them as well. Every piece of software and code has antivirus issues as antivirus companies fuck up something in their code all the dam time. Speeking of which I have been working on the perfect gameguard replacement that is an single dll file that would never need updating at all and would mean the game devs would have full control at what it detects and what not. eliminating the need for gameguard as it uses ``sendmessage`` Windows API to send an message to x2.exe an heartbeat signal to let the game know it is running.
  13. First of all on Widnows 8, 8.1, and 10 it is immpossible because it says it is open by an Tose Process for windows Settings that you cannot disable in services.msc requiring an restart of the computer on those OS versions. Also idn't I say I was working on an script for Windows 7 users that is the entire contents of the cmd file that would have to be ran as administrator? Also the main reason for the program is for the 3 systems newer than Windows 7. Also if that is not good enough I can post a link to a programming server that has Visual Basic programmers in there and they can inspect the code for you to verify that it is 100% safe to use. I can even get Microsoft to verify the code is safe if I wanted to. I have a friend who works as an Microsoft Developer named Steve Dower. The point is do not judge code as malicous if they provide the code that is used to compile an byte identical assembly (other than the fact of it being slightly different because of compile time hashing) but the file size and base data would be exactly the same IL Code when viewed in ILSpy. The thing is if you know Visual Basic you can always view the source code yourself and you would see it is safe.