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  1. Saeriie

    Debrian lab ED gain buff?

  2. Saeriie

    Debrian lab ED gain buff?

  3. Saeriie

    Debrian lab ED gain buff?

    Bump! I added a poll!
  4. Saeriie

    Debrian lab ED gain buff?

    Hi! So I finally was geared enough to start farming 11-4, I was very exited since people always get 2,5-3mil ED per run (From videos apparently) but then when I tried doing some solo runs, I only got 1,5mil and I'm using the +10% ED gain title, which was very disappointing since from Sander/Lanox, which are way easier , you get more. Since people told me that the ED gain from Debrian was nerfed, can void please buff it a bit please? Maybe to 2mil or 2,5mil? Yeah, I know the ED gain can be boosted by guild passive, other titles but still, Debrian is pretty hard for non-geared people unlike SDs so normally it should give more ED per run, right? Besides, SDs get pretty boring quickly and some players would like to run harder dungeons, like Debrian. So, what do you guys think? Do you agree?
  5. Yess finally an event where we can get a +10 amulet! Thank you so much void! We appreciate your effort :D Time to start grinding like there's no tomorrow
  6. Saeriie

    hey i guess?

    Welcome, I hope you enjoy your time here!
  7. Saeriie

    Hello! c:

    You're welcome!
  8. Saeriie

    What Do You Do To Make PvE More Fun?

    Like many people said here, I usually put music on and I tend to play a lot of characters!
  9. Saeriie

    Which class(es) do you main (2018)

    For me Anemos is soo fun, I love her bossing. I also play BQ a lot for her extremely fast clearing!
  10. Saeriie

    I'm Back!! (Again)

    Welcome back! I hope you enjoy your stay here!
  11. Saeriie

    Hello! c:

    Welcome back!
  12. Saeriie

    lol bye or whatever

    Goodluck and cya!
  13. Saeriie

    Ummm...hello all :'3

    Welcome, i hope you enjoy your time here!
  14. Saeriie

    Time to say Bye Bye

    Goodbye and goodluck!
  15. Saeriie

    What's your ERP level?

    I was 153 before I quit for a while, it's not easy to lvl up at this point ^^"