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  1. as a richter main this is so true i am phyically hurt Strong Physicals (before reboot comes and rapes us all) Richter if he's alone EtW (feck laby tho) KE for some reason? Strong Magicals HR stronk bluhen when NI is also pretty strong too also karma and Add is still kinda broken too but I don't Add so idk where to put him Weak Physicals FB sorry guy, shockwave isn't saving you now NL Weak Magicals RaS until reboot because feck Bluhen ig Bluhen, rip RM too since I feel like RS was way stronger before 3rd jobs don't salt me too much, I only play Ain anymore and was an ex elboi/raven main : ( pray for the few remaining Ain mains after reboot they all gonna disappear and turn into labys
  2. This sounds like more of a get rich scheme rather than something actually beneficial to the community at all. I don't get the logic behind a set amount of people wanting a set in/out of rotation so it should be underburned. As someone who actively burns IBs, this is a terrible idea. Sets get popular by being rare or op, meaning when a set is rare for a specific character or op, rich people flock to it to either collect or show off. I'll use Ain's AD as an example. This set was SEVERELY underburned due to being rotated in with EP originally. Out of rotation, just the hairs were worth 1b to 5b depending on the seller. This is what you'll turn the entire economy into because people will only get things for Laby to get rich fast. Unless it's someone like me who usually burns to get a set for just themselves, at which point said set is still off the market. This is why Void can't implement this system, the community is so full of greedy people that doing this is going to cause a HUGE IB drought for anyone who isn't Laby because people tend to burn for money rather than sets for themselves. Imagine those 5 mil Chung gloves being so rare they're worth 100 mil, and those Laby gloves being so common they're with 2 mil. This is what you get if you try this on Void. Also, a little side note, that Laby weapon is not gonna be 3b anymore if you add this in. Everyone would bandwagon this, the weapon would become extremely common, meaning the price drops. At most it would be probably be 500 mil, but even that is generous for how many people would burn for it. In fact, everyone who isn't Laby would then have their weapons be between 1b and 5b due to extreme rarity. Absolutely a -1 from me, if you really want a set that badly, just burn per IBs. This keeps the economy from absolutely breaking.
  3. Had an old wedding pack laying around from way before they added the new wedding packs.. Turns out, unless you're marrying as a straight couple, you don't get to enjoy the 1,200 ec you wasted on that wedding pack to get married, because they changed the wedding suits in the new packs to not be bank shareable while the old ones are. You know what that means? You can't exchange your suit, and you've just wasted your money. Unlike the new weddings, if you don't marry at the time set for the wedding, it completely nulls out (I've unintentionally tested this before) and you have to buy a new pack to marry. Now, I get wanting to remove some stuff from exchanges that you deemed "unnecessary", but people still have old wedding packs they didn't use from before the update, and you've now made it impossible for gay couples to marry with them. I tried using a tuxedo from my last old wedding pack (the wedding expired and I had to remarry, so I had two cubes) and it said I had to use the old wedding suit. As seen here: Needless to say, this is rather infuriating, especially with the huge price difference between the old pack and the new one, and the added fact that I'm still out 1,200 ec because this wedding will surely be expired before anything gets done about this, if anything is even done about it.
  4. I gave up so hard that I just left my computer and made pizza
  5. may Ishmael have mercy on my s o u l
  7. I've seen warnings about started the launcher before they say you can start downloading the patch, I'd probably close the client since it could break the game from what I've read?
  8. You die with glory and gay Me and hubby can provide two Bluhens ;)
  9. Can join with myself and hubby We'll do some good pokes Richter and Bluhen party, RIchter with +11 and Bluhen with +10
  10. Okay I'm sorry you're right u . u She'll be back.. But there's no ETA for her return
  11. lf> perm timed outfits ./cri I'm.. pFFFFF