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  1. Can u tell me why after open token cube i dont get badget? I see badge on cube opening result but after i have still 10 badges, no more.
  2. Dawn Sovereign after Dusk Sovereign? This is.... not good ._.
  3. 1,6 GB left.... im dying... MY WAH KUN TT
  4. 3GB..... i think that today i wont play... next day of event will be gone... MY WAH KUN, THIS IS UNFAIR TT
  5. i donwload rar files and i unpacked it but then i deleted it and i have it in bin now... so now im safety?
  6. Every fom file can have keylogger?
  7. my malwarebytes says that files are okey...
  8. Why? I check it with my antyvirus and it sayis that files are okey...?
  9. did u check .rar if u say that files are safe?