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  1. Dream

    Magic Wardrobe Masterpost (UPDATED AS OF 10/12)

    Laby's Chronicle and Laby's shit in general please, thanku
  2. Dream

    Make Dimension Master Cubes Bankshareable

    I feel like this has been suggested and denied before, but I don't remember. +1 because my Laby needs them
  3. Dream

    Voice Modding: Possible in the near future?

    Modding has always been allowed, I just don't think they'll "work together with" anyone.
  4. Dream

    Economy problems.

    If you have no time to play the game, don't play the game. Don't make up excuses here - nobody is forcing you to load up. You could just play the game for the little time you have and work for it like everybody else. And if you do choose to load up, you get the benefits of being able to trade that currency for the ingame one or just using it to get costumes/other goodies directly. Something other players do not have the chance to do. That said, you also get extra EC in Void - you get MORE for your money. I can't believe you think you have it 'hard' because you load up.
  5. Dream

    Economy problems.

    why are you complaining about low EC prices? It's almost like you can now work for your ED rather than simply cashing in and getting it effortlessly. If you do want that, just load more. Gives Void more support, too. Nothing is bad about low EC prices - the supply is just a lot higher than demand and it'll keep going that way if you guys keep loading. Stop loading and rates will magically go back up.
  6. Dream

    LF> Guild Pve

    If only more people had criteria to go after- *inhales* If you're looking for hardcore PvE and less personal interaction, go for any Lv20 PvE Guild. If you're looking for maximum personal interaction, go for any newly-made Guild. If you're looking for casual PvE and casual personal interaction, go for... everything in between, really. I always recommend [Acuity] (because I'm the GM and I have to-), as we really do treat you like an individual and not like one of 200 other members like the bigger guilds tend to do. Yes, the bigger guilds also give us shit for that. We can help out with pretty much anything, be that PvE, PvP or just things outside of Elsword. Our VCs and chat are always open for everyone to talk in and nobody has to feel left out. I also don't copy+paste my message every time somebody shows up with a LF>Guild thread cause I want people to feel special and not like I'm some invite-bot, so this is 100% genuine and yes, we do have free oxygen in the guild, thank you for asking. We'd be happy if you would check us out or just stop by as a guest in the Discord~ Guild thread can be found in my signature or by clicking here! I hope you can find a nice guild for yourself regardless, don't forget to have fun~
  7. Dream

    Moving Naeun or Myu in Elder

    Just click them, it's easier that way. I think the positions where Void can place NPCs are fixed, so it would happen with basically every NPC that is placed there.
  8. Dream

    PvE Guild

    Hi there, do you have any special requirements besides PvE+Active? Since that's the majority of guilds here and you may be overwhelmed by the amount of options you have. The greatest overall activity should come from high-level guilds (if you're not into Lv20 stuff, you could check the "Hot Guilds" tab at Myu's to see how active guilds have been in the past week!), but the question is whether you want that or activity aimed towards interaction with you specifically. If you're looking for a broad experience with lots of people (though as a result, with almost nobody interacting with you for more than a dungeon run), I'd recommend guilds with a lot of members (again, check Myu). If you're more into newer guilds that are only getting started (though may feel slow and at times even die on you), you can find a handful of recently made guilds here on forums. Those are less likely to die out fast. Lastly - and here's my shameless plug for our guild - if you want something more in-between that is already established and active on its own, but small enough to be personal and actually help out when you need help, I'd recommend you [Acuity]. We're Lv13, have a cozy and small - but not inactive! - playerbase and love new additions to our guild to play together with! Link to it is in my signature, or just click right here!
  9. Unless officials don't have this issue, I don't think Void can fix it(?) I mean, it's an image, but what do I know?
  10. Was gonna stay neutral until further notice/tweaks to the suggestion, but u told me not to be neutral so I voted no.