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  1. Dream

    Economy problems.

    why are you complaining about low EC prices? It's almost like you can now work for your ED rather than simply cashing in and getting it effortlessly. If you do want that, just load more. Gives Void more support, too. Nothing is bad about low EC prices - the supply is just a lot higher than demand and it'll keep going that way if you guys keep loading. Stop loading and rates will magically go back up.
  2. Dream

    LF> Guild Pve

    If only more people had criteria to go after- *inhales* If you're looking for hardcore PvE and less personal interaction, go for any Lv20 PvE Guild. If you're looking for maximum personal interaction, go for any newly-made Guild. If you're looking for casual PvE and casual personal interaction, go for... everything in between, really. I always recommend [Acuity] (because I'm the GM and I have to-), as we really do treat you like an individual and not like one of 200 other members like the bigger guilds tend to do. Yes, the bigger guilds also give us shit for that. We can help out with pretty much anything, be that PvE, PvP or just things outside of Elsword. Our VCs and chat are always open for everyone to talk in and nobody has to feel left out. I also don't copy+paste my message every time somebody shows up with a LF>Guild thread cause I want people to feel special and not like I'm some invite-bot, so this is 100% genuine and yes, we do have free oxygen in the guild, thank you for asking. We'd be happy if you would check us out or just stop by as a guest in the Discord~ Guild thread can be found in my signature or by clicking here! I hope you can find a nice guild for yourself regardless, don't forget to have fun~
  3. Dream

    Moving Naeun or Myu in Elder

    Just click them, it's easier that way. I think the positions where Void can place NPCs are fixed, so it would happen with basically every NPC that is placed there.
  4. Dream

    PvE Guild

    Hi there, do you have any special requirements besides PvE+Active? Since that's the majority of guilds here and you may be overwhelmed by the amount of options you have. The greatest overall activity should come from high-level guilds (if you're not into Lv20 stuff, you could check the "Hot Guilds" tab at Myu's to see how active guilds have been in the past week!), but the question is whether you want that or activity aimed towards interaction with you specifically. If you're looking for a broad experience with lots of people (though as a result, with almost nobody interacting with you for more than a dungeon run), I'd recommend guilds with a lot of members (again, check Myu). If you're more into newer guilds that are only getting started (though may feel slow and at times even die on you), you can find a handful of recently made guilds here on forums. Those are less likely to die out fast. Lastly - and here's my shameless plug for our guild - if you want something more in-between that is already established and active on its own, but small enough to be personal and actually help out when you need help, I'd recommend you [Acuity]. We're Lv13, have a cozy and small - but not inactive! - playerbase and love new additions to our guild to play together with! Link to it is in my signature, or just click right here!
  5. Unless officials don't have this issue, I don't think Void can fix it(?) I mean, it's an image, but what do I know?
  6. Was gonna stay neutral until further notice/tweaks to the suggestion, but u told me not to be neutral so I voted no.
  7. Heya, welcome (back) to Void! Daybreaker is currently in a semi-okay spot. Her freezing and clearing abilities are still great for things such as SDs, but she is sadly pretty slow and needs potions/mounts to keep up + Nature's Force isn't very useful for her. She will get buffs in the upcoming update though, so that's something to look forward to! In case you want to be a little more efficient, just grinding SDs and buying the heroic pieces you need will do you better than grinding Heroics. Alternatively, if you plan to only have your Daybreaker, you could also go for a cheap Elrianode set right away. Since I'm also [Acuity]'s GM, I'm gonna introduce our guild as well. We're currently Lv13 (Gnosis up, so all important guild skills are covered) and have a cozy but active playerbase. Pretty much everyone in our Discord (granted that they are members) is active and you just need to ping somebody if you want help in dungeons - or if you need any game advice. We used to keep El Tears of medium grade in our guild bank, though I admittedly haven't checked on how many are left. We like to be a bit more personal with our members, so if you're not super talkactive/would prefer to just have a guild for buffs, I'd recommend a Lv20 guild that focuses on Hybrid-ish skills. Otherwise, we play games outside of Elsword when it gets boring, too, so you can always join for those! You can find our guild thread here! Shameless plug aside though, I hope you find a nice guild for yourself to stay in, and if you want you can always pop in and say hi as a guest in our Discord! Have fun playing~
  8. Dream

    Is Void Going Downhill?

    "We wouldn't know if it was, in theory" Read the entire thing, notice the fact that it was an example and nothing else, and put the gun down.
  9. Dream

    Is Void Going Downhill?

    I don't need to know when the next update is, what time of the day and what exactly it has. I want to know if progress is going well, if there are any issues, etc. I want to know something. Being told nothing could mean anything from " we didn't even start yet lol" to "we're almost done". Yes, saying "Laby caused Bug X, but now we have Bug Y" isn't helpful information. But it's telling us that something is happening instead of leaving us in the dark about everything. It can make a huge difference for a player. The Laby video that was released by VoidCM is a great example of giving information that doesn't tell you how far the updates have come, but still satisfying the playerbase. To your other point, I have yet to see a rulebreaker ask for evidence in public that knew 100% what they did. User 1 was banned for little to nothing, the community noticed and told staff that was not okay, and bam, unbanned. If they had 100% done something bad, the community shouldn't be able to do that. Which means the ban was never justified in the first place - and that is incredibly bad. Not everyone can afford a "lawyer" (which is basically what a community uproar is for these cases), most people go without any reasoning behind their ban and feel like the system is just corrupt and unfair. And there is many cases where people did not know even by the ban reason given, what they were supposedly banned for. They were denied even an explanation of their ban reason, let alone evidence of them actually doing anything at all. Saying 'Oh, they could use it to prevent getting caught!' does not justify letting innocent people get and stay banned for lack of competence. Transparency is still an issue. Trust me, a lot of people on Void and on Void's forums are sheep that blindly follow the masses' words, and very few think for themselves. If the "which mod do you like best" thread's poll wasn't any indication, most people still support the moderator that has publicly messed up more than any other - do you think that's because they know about it and don't care, or because they just have no idea what's going on? Cause I promise you, for most people it's gonna be the latter. That doesn't mean an issue like transparency is just a diet fear mongering word - it's just that no matter how much we ask for it, the best we get are promises that aren't held.
  10. Dream

    Is Void Going Downhill?

    Void isn't going downhill, people are only taking long to wake up to what it always has been. And while I'm sure you can argue a lot with "oh, they don't implement these useful suggestions, they don't clean up that old stuff, they don't give us this mount/pet/costume in the IM permanently, etc etc etc", in the end, they always have the upper hand with "Technical difficulties". For all we know, that's a legit thing. The problem doesn't lie in those technical difficulties, it's in the communication between staff and playerbase - that we are hardly informed of how/why things are going the way they are. "No ETA" is a funny meme, but it really just means "we won't give you any information whatsoever, shut up". Yes, promising you can deliver something within 2 weeks and it doesn't end up working is shit. But people are surprisingly understanding and many are patient enough - they would just like some communication, some reasoning for what is and isn't done, anything. That's what Void has always been lacking and always avoids doing.
  11. Dream


    Welcome to forums and Void, please enjoy your stay and don't be shy to ask if you need anything~