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  1. You used to be able to cheese it with Soul Harvest (it could disable the spawner(?) for that room and skip it immediately), but that is long fixed. I already get pissed when people don't skip cutscenes (especially stuff like Debrian that we've all seen 100 times), and wasting my time on shitty invincibility frames - which, by the way, are EXTENDED if you use skills during them because it pauses them - is not my cup of tea.
  2. This is 11-6, Forgotten Elrian Sanctum. The Orbis spawn periodically (similar to Sander SDs last 2 sections or Trock's Lair), so it's impossible to simply "kill them faster" - they will still take their sweet ass time to spawn. Once spawned, they have iframes similar to the Plingchu from Atlas - (those onions with the long leafs that you have to walk to for them to pop out and start taking damage) doing that in 50secs is impossible.
  3. Except that it's hugely inconvenient to have the creator of the account set the pin for the new owner of the account. That defeats the purpose of it entirely, which wraps back around to the message "If you buy an account, you are not entitled to keeping it secure", because you cannot set a PIN that somebody else doesn't know. Though really, I'm not up for this discussion here. I don't care for TO's choices or what should have been done, I just wish staff was more clear about this (not giving account support if you bought the account) instead of having us find out about it ourselves. I'm pretty sure that a vast majority would've had no idea about the lack of support, even if it was "kinda said in the rules if you pay attention". So, really, I respect your argument and all, I just don't have the energy or care enough to continue with it, because my problem with this isn't with your reasoning, but with the lack of staff response.
  4. big +1, I feel like mounts and pets are always so easily forgotten, and I really wish we had more variety there. The fossil burner is so damn outdated.
  5. Spelling it out for people to discourage account trades further? Pretty sure at this point they're banking on people to get scammed so that they remake their accounts and cash in again :v But that's my tinfoil hat theory, since no staff ever comes to clarify these things or comment properly on them.
  6. Accepted uvub We can either invite you ingame-only when somebody's online to invite you, or you can also join our Discord and we'll ping you when we're available!
  7. Simple guide on how not to get scammed/how to have common sense: - Don't buy EC Codes unless you absolutely have to Not sure why people think they have to buy 100$ EC Codes in the first place. Unless you want to resell, in which case, disregard all the rest, I hope you get scammed. - If you do buy EC Codes, only buy small amounts up to the bare necessities (job change, bank, etc) The smaller the value, the less the scammer gets, and the easier it is to get legit people. If the person has more to lose than to gain, they have no reason to scam you. - Make an effort to find the person and for god's sake don't be naive Meaning, look at their character. Good signs are ERP over 200, a high PvP rank (tedious to get -> attachment to the account), hangered(!) and valuable IBs, and +10/11 gear. Bad signs are people trying to be pushy, having little to no care about your safety (huge red flag, any legit seller will be trying to be as safe as possible for both sides), broken english (sorry, that's just how it is in so many cases), and no guild. Guilds can be a very good starting point if you want to ask somebody about the person - more often than not, guilds will know if a person has sold EC before or is legit. ASK. If the person suggests doing half ED first, quit immediately, it's a scammer. If they refuse to load the EC and sell you tradeables, quit immediately, it's a scammer (or a very insensitive/impatient seller, in which case, fuck them. It's your safety.). It is, at any point, your right to stop a trade and not go through with it. Don't let anybody pressure you into buying something if you don't trust them. It's money you will never see again, that goes to a person that lives off of other's hard work. Even if it's "easy to get back" for you, you're still rewarding somebody for being an asshole. A list with trusted sellers will get people nowhere, because you're not actually fixing the problem - people being unaware and naive - you're just making it harder for actually legit people to sell and providing a way for scammers to "prove they are legit" by getting on there somehow.
  8. That's... not me. I know we both have the same chat color, but you're mistaking me for the thread creator. A bit embarrassing, considering how much you wrote... but don't worry about it. I'm just saying this thread is for awareness. I'm also aware you tried to explain staff's choices, though in the end only staff alone can justify what they do/don't do, which is why I found the argument between you two a bit questionable.
  9. not sure why you two are arguing about how rules are interpreted / said. The facts are here: If you buy an account, you'll be refused service. Are you ok with that? That's ok, go on with life. Are you not ok with that? Then here's your warning to never do it, you're welcome. This thread is about awareness, not about having petty arguments over something staff alone can really answer. Which, by the way, I find increasingly amusing because we know they saw it. They deliberately chose not to say anything about it, and they likely won't unless this thread somehow explodes with mini-riots.
  10. All rules in all guilds should be strict in the sense that they are 100% enforced. If you mean strict in a bad way then... why? Also, do you want a PvE OR PvP guild or do you want a Hybrid?