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  1. can you at least stay on forums so we have a person that uses orange theming please it makes me think of yogurt
  2. - Anything oneshots, and if it doesn't, it's multihit and threeshots you. - Awakening is nonexistent unless you have 690 secret potions. - Say goodbye to half your potions. Not like they recover any sizeable amount anyway. - Amount of stacks of Poison/Flame Attribute you just got hit with is equivalent to the amount of seconds till you die. - Dekal does not give a fuck about your debuffs. - Black-hole oneshot does not give a fuck about your life in general. - did I mention Dekal does not give a fuck. - Super armour debuff? enjoy eternal sleep if you live long enough to snooze. - HP recovery? Dekal is now more scary than your mother when she sees you still up at 5am on a schoolday. - Explosion? That's cute, we already explode when we die, and so will you. - Thunder? You didn't need that MP anyway. Especially not to manabreak Herbaon's lasers. - Getting a warning about a laser that threeshots you about 5 seconds after it appears is certainly helpful. - Herbaon is here! ...and over here... and over there. But not where you are. Or your skills. - I see, you tried to walk up to him. How about I suck you into a yellow hole. - You look stuck. Would be a shame if I aimed a laser or dumped a clockwork on you. - You sneezed at Herbaon. Herbaon will now cry for 3 seconds and then be invincible for another 30. - 4 People? 40 lasers. - 1 laser? 1 shot. - Manabreak? What mana? s/o to Adrian for making this piss-colored tincan, Yuno was always the better boi.
  3. what it feels like to make a joke in megas OT: What can I say? This brought no new content/motivation to play whatsoever. Fixing problems you yourself created (deleting old Henir mats, having no ability to make +9 ammys, etc.) shouldn't be in the place of actual content. It's bad enough that we have to expect any update at all every 2 weeks because you will religiously have stability maintenances every 2 weeks. Which means it is yet another 2 weeks until we get an update of any kind. The last one was an IB rotation with nothing else, the one before a shitty excuse of an update that claimed to "revamp" something by touching a single QoL feature. That "revamp" was so bad you had to expand on it in a future update (this one), and it still looks like nothing was done in regards to community suggestions (Naeun Crystals, for instance). I know you're getting nice amounts of cash thanks to ST rotation, but do you really have so little respect for your playerbase that you refuse to give out content for months? For reference, the end of the last event was 2+ months back, depending on whether or not you count the abysmal "rewards" we got towards the end (which already had the pouch part deleted). I cannot imagine that making an event that is the same cookie-cutter craft&exchange stuff from every event takes this long.
  4. why does your forum name ring such a huge bell for me... In any case, I hope you find people to play alongside you in your new game (not like Elsword is interesting rn anyway), and you feel better overall! Best of luck!
  6. Hey, welcome back to Void~ I hope you enjoy your time as minty-hair boi.
  7. Imagine making a new forum account to join and defame a guild like this one. This is probably the most positive guild we have on Void, would honestly recommend it to anybody.
  8. sdlfklkfjd did anyone invite you yet cause if not aCCepted! I'll try to invite you in a bit if you're still online-
  9. To be fair and disregard how the question is phrased - things like "MAC Block" have been asked about in the past. "What does MAC Block mean?" has been the topic of a lot of threads and the answer is always "We are not obligated to tell you what it means, locked". I genuinely do not understand why that is - the ban appeal format specifically asks why you should be unbanned and what you did, but if you don't even know what you did, what's the point in the question? Yes, things such as Hacking/Scamming is already explained in the rules. But our famous MAC block case is not. The threads asking about it are always shut down, so I don't get why so many of you are suggesting to "just ask lol" - they clearly aren't willing to tell us.
  10. I like the idea as a whole, however I see a lot of criticism towards it being "too hard" to obtain that makes no sense to me. Remember that any craft (permanent ones anyway) is better than RNGing your way to +10 or giving out 3b+ for it. Farming El Rewards/Barrier fragments is perfectly acceptable as a requirement to get a +10, even if it is untradeable. I'd go as far as to say to make it unbankshareable as well, so people cannot easily +10 their whole gear by making a few alts (this mostly concerns endgame-ish players who can farm these materials very easily already - +10 still has a value even when your weapon is already +10, please do not forget that!). If they wish to +10 their entire gear (as in Elrianode), they have to give up a seal count to send it to their main, which I think is quite fair in this regard. I'd actually be more for a 1-time quest (per char) that requires a large amount of SD/Heroic/whatnot runs which gives a weapon-only +10 amulet. That way, you can't abuse it to sell it but still benefit from it as a new player / endgame player with multiple alts. It is difficult to balance a +10 craft to benefit new players/not be too hard and not being too easy to do for geared players as to not make them lose value, so I hope you people remember that if it's easy for a new player, it's even easier for geared veterans.
  11. Dream


    False accusations won't make your situation better. That ends the conversation for me.