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  1. Mitsuna

    Farewell. [+ Huge Giveaway]

    Hello to the giving away owner, its somehow not so comfortable hearing some leavings the game cause of personal issues. But, irl matters more i guess. Cheer up and good luck!! Item : Sealed Faceoff Robe IGN : Tavielnia Reason : Since i just came back this half year, i tried to grind so much but there are so many things i need to buy and fund my Ara. If i can get this i can get rid of an item i have to save for >//<. Thank you in advance, just trying to give this a try.
  2. Mitsuna

    Farewell also I do a huge giveaway!

    IGN : Tavielnia What items do you want : May i have EP Top, Hair and Wings if possible if its not too much to ask for? Since i already have Shoes, gloves and bot. (Or the combo if you dont mind) Reason : I've played in NA back 2014, but i quitted her. Im an Ara main now, but i've been coming back to Eve recently but i couldnt fund her as much as i can do now. She has been neglected for so long. I'd be great if i can fund her something since i've decided to come back to her often <3 Thank you again. Hope your new life would be better and everything would be alright.