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  1. noice joke OT: i'm not really hyped by this update since i'm waiting only for the renewwal ( i guess that i will be disappointed :/ ) And also i'll propose a new idea for an summer event :3 cuz it's soon summer and exam are done so let's have fun
  2. This is you are talking, right ? OT: As you can see, i would be nice to implent this dungeon but i guess that it will takes mounths to implent it on void.
  3. Pls continue to hate Rose then i can still buy cheap ibs :D Her ibs are really cheap like SrV wings for 150M or etcc, i love it :3
  4. With Freyja's 3rd job aka Minerva, wasn't the number of grenades increased ?
  5. I like this new update. Can't wait that server are on :3
  6. Ara doesn't get orbs when awakening Ara and Luciel have potions for CP/Orbs in pve sums it up Lilu on discord
  7. We don't know it there is the new henir revamp and etcc in v2.5, they just released in KR not a long time ago. but laby herself is a lot of work cuz she have her proper dg and etcc.
  8. Can u show more trailer ? please :c
  9. Ikr so I've no choice to propose this event for the next year or nex next year.
  10. I agree with you, i tried to propose a original event but as always tecnhical problems. And if you could see in my sign, there is two events proposal: Valentine and Pop vs Rock (which i'm still uptading it). The Pop vs Rock is another version of Police vs Punk event 2016. I wanted a original and no thematic event so i made this one. You can help me about that one if you want. I made this one because i was bored of these copy and pasted event. I've in fact proposed a Xmas event for the last year (2018) which i asked to bring back Chloe's dungeon but as you have see in the Xmas event the dungeon weren't here cuz technical difficulties like always. It made me understand that the staff does have a limit about events. They can't handle big thing like this. That is kinda stupid because this dungeon were here in Xmas event 2016. I'm personally dispointed that they just done a copy and pasted event again but they followed somethings of my suggestion at least. You're right about "Grind events" but "Event with a proper dungeon" are impossible (can be possible) due to technical problems. I'm not a staff so i can't judge them and there is the problem that there is no really a lot of transparancy (That they should to give more informations about them, coding etcc not like "We're having technical difficulties about this so it's impossible"). Well that conclude my point of view and don't hesit to pm me or etcc. (Sorry for ainglish ofc)
  11. I ... We will see if there will be a valentine event or not ? If still no event then for the next year :c