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  1. Auibil

    [Event] Christmas Scramble

    [IGN] : 8w [Ran's Items] : 7 10 [Lilu's Items]: 9 6 [Yata's Items] : 4 5 [Structure's Items] : 2 3 [Xera's Items] : 8 1
  2. This event is kinda cheap in term of costumes, sits motions, etcc Compared to Xmas 2017 event, the xmas event 2018 is kinda shit, trash. I'm so disappointed again, Since we got the rewards dropped in dungeon, events lack about costumes,etcc Like Halloween event, Need to add more costumes, sits motions etc Even my suggestion was better than this event (about certain things, not alls ofc) I wish that Void could do better about event or Bye players ? :v What happened to you void? Events before this year were better and perfect than 2018's, we didn't need to change some things. And now, we need to always change things about craft etcc That is kinda sad and stupid. i'm just giving a -1
  3. Auibil

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    I'm so dissappointed about this update,
  4. Auibil

    Xmas event 2018

    I'm keeping the idea about Warm and lovely poses but idk rly and about El tear cubes, aren't they cheap and easy to drop like Drabaki raid etcc, i thnik that it's better to not add these el tear cube
  5. Auibil

    Xmas event 2018

    UPDATE, edited some things about Xmas dg and etcc sorry if there is a problem with spoilers and i can't fix it '-'
  6. Pls take my "Xmas event 2018" :3 OT: we don't know,
  7. Auibil

    Xmas event 2018

    I thought about it too but isn't better that it's a surprise?
  8. Auibil

    Xmas event 2018

    it's fine, i'm tired too. In fact i will change some things about the Xmas ice burner and i'm waiting for more opinion/answers about it and then i can choose between them. I'm keeping your idea, don't worry.
  9. Auibil

    Xmas event 2018

    Aight, i willt hink about it
  10. Auibil

    Xmas event 2018

    Ah this idle motion, It's in Kr recently right . Normaly it take around 4 mounth for a new item in kr to come in void. So i don't think that it's possible to add them soon but maybe yes
  11. Auibil

    Xmas event 2018

    And thanks for you opinion and idea
  12. Auibil

    Xmas event 2018

    That is right, i forgot about the pvp quest ( i added this idea) ty
  13. Auibil

    Xmas event 2018

    I know, I mentioned it in my post the content is different that the old one.