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  1. Welcome aboard and congratz!
  2. Welcome aboard and congratz!
  3. Thanks! I am trying to adapt to the changes these days :D Also I'm capped now with the magnificent assistance of [128] guild members. :) I really appreciate all of those people helping me out and responding to my dumbest inquiries... :D On the other hand, feel free to add me on discord: ltrbnc#3231 ^^
  4. Oh hi! Just sent an ingame friend request! :) Welcome back lol
  5. Aww yeah, I feel as if I know nothing about the game! I have so many questions... Much appreciated! I kindly hope that we will. :) 1. Thx man :D 2. I was also looking for a guild, even though I accidentally joined one :P 3. Seems like it's hard to find 4 ppl via auto-party, so a little bit of carrying wouldn't be bad tbh :) I really appreciate your sincerity in responding to my topic! There has been connection issues today idk why. Maybe it's just Void being Void lol. I'll definitely contact every each of you as soon as possible. My thanks to all of you!
  6. Greetings everyone! My journey on this server has its roots from the V 1.2 The Void is Back, June 2014... By that time I had been playing on NA for 1-2 years. After I switched to Void, as a user having its way via very little real cash, it appeared to be amazing experience to have so much privileges without any charges; therefore, I proceeded on playing on Void server. Nevertheless, after more than a year or so, it became too mundane for the fact that I was grinding for nothing but Reaper title, followed by decreasing number of in-game friends and disbanding of my guild. Afterwards, I got extremely busy with the academic stuff, so I had to quit. With the increase of the level cap to 80 (?), which was 70 back then, due to having limited spare time I couldn't adapt to the new meta with my outdated equipment. Now I have a lot of time to play for at least a month. I won't be able to say "I'm back and kicking", but at least I want to cap my main character. In doing so, seeing a lot of stuff has changed, I might need an assistance and guidance. Please do not hesitate to reply and contact me via in-game. Character Name: Timeheart Level: 92 Thanks!