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  1. Thought I was gonna quit this game but hella no I can come back now


  2. Well you have to craft them set Elrianode at Elrianode Blacksmith. Go grind the el tears (like the piece to socket into your gear) from gay- I mean drabaki, El Tower Defense and etc Elri dungeons and add them at Denif (Elrianode)
  3. Stop going off after every sentence :angry:

    1. Asmodia


      LOL I was at school :augery:

  4. Heyyy, welcome back old player pfft- It may take a while to get used to the Elrianode system, Void weapon and etc. I think the best way to catch up is finding a good guild so they can help you with all of them. Enjoy the game and feel free to ask me anything through disc gaydesu uwu#0006
  5. ELS Casual set PLEASE NEED THAT SET FOR ROSE. And Ieru Eyes if its possible