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  1. Moving to Soulworker. My discord name currently is Your kiss makes me feel drunk.#4070

    So add me if you want to. Definitely will change that cancerous name asap. Still playing VoidEls but it's boring without event.

    By then, good bye.

  2. ❤ haiii sweetie 

    1. Hoozuki


      Henlo mom :idol_Apple:

  3. People who hate me pls unfollow my profile <3 

    It'll be disgraceful when you keep talking behind my back while being my friends. I don't need that kind of those and please never show up in front of my face again. And don't worry, I won't show up in front of your face too. 

    1. Nemmy


      what's wrong? ;w; also when you get the chance sweetie check your discord

    2. Hoozuki


      Someone calling me fake when they're being fake too pfft. Idk who is the fake one here mom and I created a new discord. I thought I'd have been through a hard time again but I realized why should I? Gib me your discord mum

      I deleted my old discord because it had so many sweet words from my ex-bffs

    3. Nemmy


      ooof Dx
      will send you a pm <3

  4. Pls no ShT next month cuz I haven't saved enough ED

    don't kill me pls

    1. Dezz


      I will help you fund for that set Cyb o/

    2. Hoozuki


      Yassh w/ Whenever you get Lu's pieces, hit me up Denu @Dezz

  5. Thought I was gonna quit this game but hella no I can come back now