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  1. +1 from me, also if they do it, i guess the bonus stats might be lower as well though, like ex- +5% crit dmg & +12% max MP, but it's still better than this irritation huh~ Just like how lots of ppl want the visual effects from +13 on +11, and +11 on +10 exist in our server...
  2. This IB rotation is <Killing Me Inside>
  3. My 1st ever is Elsw IS, when there was no Ara yet on NA with that old char select UI lul x"D . Then came back for Ele BH(2nd). After that i mained Add LP(3rd), and switched to other Adds along with RS on void... But now i'm sticking with Ain BL for infinite MP and starry sparkle gay sheetz cuz LP/DE are weak for solo pve
  4. Did you guys plan the date(s) out for Glacial or Blue Millennium Fox IB yet? I just wanna know to manage my ed ;; u ;; , not to be ungrateful toward this rotation cuz HU is lovely