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  1. Elisakel

    [9/7/18] Update Discussion Thread

    the server UE will finally catch up with us Noice. Attention next week a maintenance of stability !!!!! wooooaaaawww very nice !!!! FINALLY !
  2. Elisakel

    Back TO This Server :D

    welcome bro !
  3. Elisakel

    Farewell also I do a huge giveaway!

    Hello to you me I'm new to the server so I do not know all the tragedies but your situation looks very embarrassing but I still find it unfortunate that your departure losing members is not easy because the game itself is not well known unlike others and MMO but I still support the approach and I would like to participate thank you in advance for taking the time to read my application and good luck for the future hoping that it will be better for you ign: Kararicat I would like to start the game well these items thank you again