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  1. One word, sad I hope, even there's no ETA, please fix it as fast as possible.. Good luck all void staffs.
  2. Hmm okay, I see. Then how can I lock this topic? Thanks everyone
  3. If there's something wrong or not quite right in here, please tell me but maybe I can't really understand what do you say, so please use easy-to-be-understand words.
  4. Okay and hello that I'm still new :D. Today I want to suggest an idea to this forum so tell me what do you think and you can add your reasons or additional idea. I will explain for people who still confused. I will take example from some costumes that available for Elsword - Chung only, it's only available for them but such as Lu Ciel, Rose, and Ain can't have one (and even can't open the cube). I think it's just like "Why Elsword (da official) didn't try to make the older costume for some newer characters so every character have equal amount of costume that they can get / why keep updating new theme when sometime you can use the older theme then restock?". The benefit, you can say... Every character can have the older costume or older couple costumes (especially for people who like costumes), also maybe affect on price on board and amount of costumes that can be sold on increased. This idea just pop out suddenly because I played Ain and as you can see that not all costume cube can be opened in Ain (or even Lu Ciel and Rose, three of them are always have some 'can't be opened cube'..). But if this idea accepted, that's mean there must be designers (or whatever you call for making costume in-game) that have to create it (can be volunteers maybe) and maybe this become another trouble. So what did you think? Did my explanation is good enough?