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  1. we need more people like you bro
  2. lol if you guys want the 100% random mission buff why not pick ignia team so you can vote for that buff :v
  3. Finally that useless enhanced trait is gone
  4. Well i did not expecting that :v , anyway thx a lot to all staff in void :D
  5. what? really????????????
  6. Hi IGN: FosEsenciaLevel/Class: 99/CodeEsenciaMain or Alt: right now this is my main :v Previous Guild: galaxiesTimezone: gmt +7Reason for wanting to join: because i need active guild and people to help me farming :DPreferred time for recruitment : right now :D
  7. well you can just leave your laptop or PC when updating , if you think time is very valuable then don't play game. i can't say better things and i don't care because a lot of people are always complaining about everything .
  8. Lol ,a lot of people just make an account in this forum to complain about how slow the download speed Well i just want to say , get the fuck out of here or stfu , when theres no event or only stability MT you guys complaining about no event or " when 2.4?" and now the staff give you big patch 2.4 you still want to complaint about the download speed and ask for manual patch , why cant you guys just say "thanks for the big update and your hard work for this patch" . you know this is just a private server and do you know how much people trying to download right now? So stop complaining and wait for the patch to finish downloading Edit : and you guys know right that you cant die because you cant play void in like 2-3 days
  9. lol ,why you guys always complaining in every maintenance
  10. ouh yeah ,sry i didnt read that XD