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  1. ZeroEl

    [10/3/18] v2.4 Discussion Thread

    well you can just leave your laptop or PC when updating , if you think time is very valuable then don't play game. i can't say better things and i don't care because a lot of people are always complaining about everything .
  2. ZeroEl

    [10/3/18] v2.4 Discussion Thread

    Lol ,a lot of people just make an account in this forum to complain about how slow the download speed Well i just want to say , get the fuck out of here or stfu , when theres no event or only stability MT you guys complaining about no event or " when 2.4?" and now the staff give you big patch 2.4 you still want to complaint about the download speed and ask for manual patch , why cant you guys just say "thanks for the big update and your hard work for this patch" . you know this is just a private server and do you know how much people trying to download right now? So stop complaining and wait for the patch to finish downloading Edit : and you guys know right that you cant die because you cant play void in like 2-3 days
  3. ZeroEl

    [9/7/18] Update Discussion Thread

    you ,stfu
  4. ZeroEl

    [9/7/18] Update Discussion Thread

    lol ,why you guys always complaining in every maintenance
  5. ZeroEl

    [8/3/2018] Update Discussion Thread

    lol just play and stop complaining
  6. ZeroEl

    Leveling Cube Revamp

    ouh yeah ,sry i didnt read that XD
  7. ZeroEl

    Leveling Cube Revamp

    +1 also make all the consumables that we receive is untradable and unshareable or maybe make all the item untradable and unshareable :v
  8. ZeroEl

    [ƑƛƬЄƑƲԼ] Could it be fate?

    IGN: FosEsenciaLevel/Class: lvl 99 , Code EsenciaMain or Alt: maybe ,im still trying to find my main XDPrevious Guild: Grind Time zone you are in (ie PDT, GMT, etc...): GMT +7 Reason for wanting to join: i need friend to accompany me in deb XD i got +10 but i still need 9 min to finish that dung :vCake or Cookies: cookies Preferred date and time for recruitment: now :v
  9. ZeroEl

    [4/20/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Thank You So much for this event ,im sooo happy
  10. Hey,180k is cheap you know ,the price for heroic invitation in INT or NA is 1m-2m per invi
  11. ZeroEl

    Winter or Summer Event

    Its fine just add this into the game
  12. ZeroEl

    Winter or Summer Event

    Yes please add this into the game ,i want event like frosty apple again
  13. ZeroEl

    Small Summer Event

    I love event like this so please add this into the game